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very oddly it's been three days now that the artists haven't been updated, what's going on?



Short version - copying everything off the main server so they could fix something, and now copying it back, should be finished late Sun/early Mon or so.

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Reporto que la página principal se tarda en abrír y que algunos trabajos de animerebo están dañados


Dude, speak in English

Habla en Inglés, casi nadie aquí sabe español


Isso é normal por causa da transferência de servidores


Don't be an asshole dude
Also more languages you know more insults you can give to idiots


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and you can fix those broken links


File: 1621747985128.png (81.35 KB, 217x255, 1616533953433.png)

File: 1618279831889.png (55.42 KB, 634x574, pwpic.png)


Figured I'd throw up a thread about keeping track of artists' changing paywall/posting methods.

Post updates from artists about changes to content sharing, platforms, source files, encryption, exclusive discords, and all other lock-and-key business.
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Jbernal keeps his uncensored stuff under some account check thing called Stegostamp which checks to see if you are a Patron or not



Nitropunk/Screampunk/a fair few other names has password protection on the zips, and I have absolutely no clue how to figure it out, except one post says that a certain password is in the comments.


He used to post publicly for a while, but for the past month he's had it locked behind that one MEGA archive and changing the password every now and then. Since the last post, he hasn't posted anything new publicly aside from preview crops.

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>Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
>Big thanks to whoever updates those!
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Most are free patreon chapters


Not so for Alex Claw and Mirikon. I didn't check any others


We just reached the World Congress arc, and I'm pretty hyped.


New thread


Yeah, seiso.party site layout is *much better*. However, fraction of the content.

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Hello! I was wondering if someone could check and fix this? It’s not loading any images for any of the posts and I would love this to be fixed, thanks!

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Can you update bnav5’s gumroad because his Patreon does not show the files

File: 1621608978111.png (19.07 KB, 792x456, fortykeks.png)


What the heck is this? I was scoring hoes at my local hotel and I got this??? Fuck you mods


AAND saved good thing i have 3g enabled sim card (reloading noses) incase i get ASN banned

also what did he type?


>"Reloading Noses"… Noses.


whoops made a typo i mean noises (get the joke)
also its time to put that other online classes sim card to good use (in the event admin goes full retard) i have a sun and globe cards next to me (all i need left is a burner phone for use with telegram this should be easy on shopee)
(oh and my jollibee uses converge ICT for last resort incase all gets banned) mwahaha

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I just found about kemono party yesterday and when I first connected, everything was fine. I can browse through artists and download the attached files but after 30 mins or so, I got 502 bad gateway. Is there any solution for this?




Unfortunately the site has been broken and more or less totally unusable for weeks now. At 1st only a few of the thumbnails and preview pics (the pics inside a post) would load, and fullsize pics would almost never load. Then it got worse until the servers were turned off for maintenance. Everyone's in the same boat ATM really. All we can do is play da waiting game. You should check the Issues Thread (where the few sitreps we get are posted), and theres a thread of "alternative sites" u can use for now too but I'm thinking KP won't be back for some time yet, given how things have been going :(

File: 1621658687095.png (17.99 KB, 1021x614, Screenshot_3.png)


Hey, there's a bug where you can't download certain pics and it will send you to a 502 bad gateway


AFAIK hardly anyone has been able to download hardly anything (except low res previews) for weeks now. And a few days ago the actual servers were turned off for maintenance, so I expect literally nothing can be downloaded now until further notice. Its all been going on for so long now though that I'm thinking its not gonna wise to hold your breath.

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This is how we can improve the site with more funding:

1. commission artists more often for free artwork
2. pledge and sponsor artists for more free content
3. support your favorite artists with their kofi accounts
4. ?????
5. Profit!!


GRRR i swear i will not miss the 10000 GET


File: 1621550953928.jpg (62.03 KB, 454x549, 1614716251889.jpg)

if you try super hard you'll get that sweet ass number


File: 1621555606682.jpg (6.04 KB, 271x186, images.jpg)


>pay for free stuff

>pay for free stuff
>just pay

Your message has not landed, OP


Wow, cool, unbelievable hack, it works!! OP is a bitch ass motherfucker! >:D



Aye, you'll get those quads sometime w7

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