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File: 1614628074379.jpg (67.74 KB, 680x907, angry frog noises ba8.jpg)


I'm getting constant 500/525 errors! Get your shit together, it was supposed to run smoothly today!


You will never be a wojack. Chuck. Sneed.


File: 1614683876741.jpg (37.07 KB, 680x684, 354[1].jpg)

I hate what Wojak has been reduced to. Back in the day when he was just "feels guy" you'd at least get a couple creative pics like this one, but nowadays he's just posted pink and screaming to as a generic soyboy insult with an open mouth. It's so cookie cutter.


dammit dude, quit making useless thread and participate in the existing one

File: 1613942165407.jpg (89.89 KB, 900x806, 853933 - Avatar_the_Last_A….jpg)


Can we get a backup/restore favorites feature?

Pic unrelated
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It "should" be tied to the session cookie, and I still have mine from 20th Feb.

Does that mean favorites got shuffled serverside somehow?


Yeah, they did. We don't know what it's keyed by, and it seems spectacularly fragile. It's broken right now, giving "You haven't favorited anyone!", even when the page isn't 504ing 525ing off of fucking *Cloudflare* or 500ing at the nginx level. There are no updates here (the board which replaced the old board), and now the admins are telling us to use Telegram (the replacement for the replacement for the board) instead. (narrator voice: nobody uses Telegram)


no it should fucking NOT be tied to the session cookie. it should be in localStorage, this is irrefutable, and anything else would be utterly retarded. I have no idea what the admin is thinking by doing this.


so can we get them back or not? i've had loads and can't remember em all


I mean according to the current implementation, that is how it should work. Not that it's the correct way.

File: 1612706827276.png (13.66 KB, 300x180, download.png)


Does anyone know the current way to get the full size images from a fantia post? I found one thread that said to remove the "main_" part of the URL but it is 3 years old and not working.
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File: 1613395215822.jpeg (378.05 KB, 1004x1280, 99708066-DC64-4324-BA36-8….jpeg)


File: 1614167209625.jpg (48.69 KB, 768x480, main_395a0ca0-afa5-4637-a1….jpg)

Can someone crackdown this fella? His art is really good.



man I miss yiff.party with their fantia stuff, I was asleep when they were gone, didn't get the chance to save anything


File: 1614485579884.png (1.05 MB, 1668x2388, fire_emblem soleil konomim….png)

Well, if we can share some fantia link, I will like to suggest Konomiminoko, he mainly do Fire Emblem characters (especially Soleil) and sometime Pokemon characters: https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/34958

File: 1614139562786.jpg (196.75 KB, 1200x900, 1486953111987.jpg)


There's an R-18 artist that I'd like to support on Fanbox but Pixiv keeps giving me the "Payment failed. Please try another card or payment method" error.

Is there an alternate way to support an artist or am I just outta luck?


If none of your credit cards work, try PayPal.


Your card issuer is most likely blocking international transactions as fraud protection. You need to check your card app or call them to authorize the transaction. I had to do this with Pixiv and Enty.


Tried it and it still gives me the same error, isn't Paypal blocked for R-18 stuff?

I see, this is probably the most likely cause. I'll try giving the card company a call sometime, thanks.


off-topic: that is an adorable sheeb

File: 1614329738843.png (1.31 MB, 1428x1850, chojin20201.png)



Any good OS with Python 3 installed will work.

Follow one for your system:
> Windows: Change the file extension back to .bat if it's in something else, then double click on it and read the CLI message.

> MacOS (Terminal):

open /Applications/Python\ 3.8/Install\ Certificates.command
sudo python3 -m pip install –upgrade pip
sudo python3 -m pip install Pillow
sudo python3 -m pip install PySocks
python3 -x /drag/n/drop/the/bat

> Linux (Terminal):

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Yooooo, sry for the random reply, but whats the sauce 4 this pic?


File: 1614195776897.png (27.47 KB, 694x154, solols.png)


(i hope it's not a problem posting something that was gone from creators since manual uploads are still broken. lmk if theres STILL a problem with this okthankyou)

SoDevs aka SoJew's "models" (or cards in your language)

SoJews was called out before for jew'ing other's stuff to make his own without any credits to original creators.
Funniest meme: this archive what you see is "worth 5 bucks" apparently in his substar.

Poke around koikatsu's discord server and i found this jew before, so i decided "why not to jew his jew'd stuff?" :trollface:

You know how to install them: zipmods goes to "mods" folder, cards goes to under "chara" folders.
No idea how mods will hold up until it breaks.
I take no responsibility to whatever happens to them, you are on your own basically.


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do you still have downloaded their cards/vids that you can send a different way?


Lets get this jew and make his life hell


all the links is dead now


Can you repost again? Specially the cards and zipmods. Pleeaaase 🙏


Duh, that's what >>1416 was saying

File: 1614238561262.gif (1.69 MB, 395x520, 1613454101544.gif)


>Pedo MMD content creator
>Upset at kemono.party
>asking his simps to report this site to cloudflare and all it's 'hosts'
Now as far as I understand, pedofilic digital content is against patreon, youtube, and almost every platform's TOS
Report him on each of his platforms everywhere. Might get some pedos raided IRL
He lives in mexico and his discord's private admin channels have spanish titles.


File: 1614239126329.jpg (639.05 KB, 300x199, Admins binding your IP up ….jpg)

Holy mother of fuck ive never seen anyone sperg out this hard over leaks. Welp i geuss antidev has single handedly introduced her audience to a site where they can get a shit ton of content for free even her own. What a fucking idiot


Sadly, the comments on that video are a bunch of "GRR HOW DARE HE LEAK THIS" asspats. What a bunch of cucks.


Burn down the bakery to stop the bread thief.


How do you know if that's true? There may be double agents. Lol


>Koikatsufag thinking they deserve money because they slap assets together

File: 1614273189115.png (282.34 KB, 485x817, TeddieBoy.png)


so why is this down something a about a pedo?
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what are you guys talking about


Lolishit pedofag found out their shit was on here so they threw a bitch fit, said they wouldn't make content anymore, and got their army of retards to ddos the site or some shit.


seconding this, wtf are you on about


Some faggot that made loli shit found out that their shit was on here so they got their retard paypiggy army to ddos the website or some shit.



Kemono has become a victim of its own success, and has generated enough traffic to push us
over the 100TB bandwidth limit our current host has. Our server ended up getting suspended,
and will not be available to use again until March 1st.

To make clear;
- all data is completely safe and sound,
- we were not suspended for monetary or legal reasons, nor due to complaints from any artists.

Again, the site will be reinstated March 1st. I'm doing my best to find alternative hosts so
we don't encounter issues next month, as well as spicy new features for you to enjoy when
Kemono returns. Please watch Partychan (https://paywall.party) and the official Telegram
(https://t.me/kemonoparty) for updates.

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File: 1614300442619.png (260.32 KB, 500x500, p194634.png)


heelo tnkyou

File: 1613091235784.jpeg (1.41 MB, 2250x3000, 2AC0F8A6-033A-4B97-AF06-D….jpeg)


Has anyone else von crazy on the random button?
I did. Got 8 fucking diaper pics in a row
Try it yourselves and let me know just how random it is.


I got several diaper pictures too and all form the same artist: Shydad, this has to be a bug


I'm also mostly getting Shydad. I suspect that it's random but within a static and small subset of posts


It's a 50/50 split between hyper gay diaper fetish shit and disturbing loli. Where the hell is the middle ground??


Postgres' random algorithm is weird. I mostly notice it "sticking" to random posts from a single creator, then moving on to a different one after a few requests. Weird, but it technically does its job? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Technically no, it’s not doing it to job. people shouldn’t have a one in eight chance of guessing anything about the next post. If I can guess the author of the next “random post” then it’s not random.

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