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Whoever was updating or kep giving updates on Jtveemos section on kemono stopped submitting the patreon stuff and its kinda been a while by now
I know Kemono is not up to date but its kinda now taking a while since other artists keep getting updates
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Sadly thats just how it goes. Some artists get regular updates, some artists don't get updated for months, or over a year, or 2 years. Some artists still aren't on Kemono despite being reasonably popular for 3+ years. It was the same on Yiff.Party, so theres no reason to believe it'd be any different here. You can try requesting but in my experience that is an utter waste of time (you got more chance of winning the lottery 3 times over). Honestly I've learned with these 2 sites its best to just forget about what isn't here and just focus on what is (EG find new artists for now if your faves aren't ever being updated).


I see jtveemo page was updated but all the high res links are now dead, did anybody save them before that?


Does anybody have a password for the high res images that are located in the google drive? OR did anybody save them and can they upload them? Would be nice to get



Oh I know of that one anon, but that only has the low resolution images, i was asking for the high res ones that are now gone and deleted from the google drive

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Please delete this user Mr.Admin https://kemono.party/patreon/user/8863445

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I'm sure you're all aware that sometimes, posts don't get imported on a creator you import. I'm asking that if you're so inclined, could you please share your importer ID with the dev team? It would greatly help out in ironing out this strange issue. I've noticed it with multiple creators. Whoever imported Sashtrash and DiscordTheGE, PLEASE get in touch with either Me (@Usah_Sojamee on Telegram) or the admin (@shinonomeme on Telegram) and we'll try our best to get to the bottom of the issue.
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all i receive trying to download or see in the posts is the error: 502 bad gateway



We have an answer for this in the issues and feedback thread.




"Error while connecting to archiver."


Spindles got "updated" yet again, and the flagged posts still aren't reimported

File: 1621517898679.jpeg (434.48 KB, 750x1294, 1176A298-037F-4296-BF99-1….jpeg)


Took long enough to someone connect the dots, might escalate very quickly for patreon scrappers
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Sadly (even since the days of Yiff Party) it seems like most contributors either don't know WTF they're doing, don't care or are too lazy to manually upload anything (zip a folder, press upload… "who's got time for that!?!?!").

I imagine they assume leaking/scraping is a "set it and forget it" thing, when these days (now artists know about scraper sites) its basically the opposite of set & forget.


there was this artist called 3volve. had some sexplosive art of nonfurry digimon like Angewomon. Then one day he deleted everything from his sites without warning, probably from hearing about yiff party. all that art lost forever


He even deleted the art from his own computer so nobody can sneak in his house late at night with a 16gb USB stick.


>not using android MTP

what if the PC has some kind of software that turns it into a rubber ducky

wait? isn't drama against the rules


Shared files are broken right now. Uploading anything gives an "Error while connectting to archiver." message.

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Please add exurb1a's Patreon.

File: 1622476426057.jpg (84.65 KB, 754x1158, apu_tux.jpg)


images still aren't loading


Images have been working fine for ever since the disk issue was fixed, some people on the issues thread it's a region thing(see >>9801) but I'm not sure

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anybody know it?

File: 1622212016128.png (302.07 KB, 750x729, imagem_2021-05-28_112650.png)


>step 1: ask for an update to an artist you like
>step 2: ask again
>step 3: ask again
>step 4: ask again
>step 5: ask again
>step 6: ask again
>step 7: it got updated!
>step 8: it was a "rewards sent!" Post

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The truth is, no one ever actually listens to requests, sometimes stuff gets updated that coincidentally people have requested, but no one is doing any favors around here. It's every coomer for themselves.


Kemono actually have a way to combat with this; it's called Manual Uploader.

The uploader is supposed to put the links, content, files, and whatever else that the automatic scraper can't reach - such as .zips sent via private messages, DMs, or Patreon's private message, into the Manual Uploader and post it.

At the top-center of every artist's page there'll be a button that says [Upload file].

The uploader is supposed to click that to open the manual uploader.
Download all the content recieved and copy all the links not scraped via the Importer.
Put that into the [Upload file] page and post it.

The problem seems to be that most contributors are not aware of it or are too lazy to do it.



>Kemono actually have a way to combat with this; it's called Manual Uploader.

>The problem seems to be that most contributors are not aware of it or are too lazy to do it.

Seems like this will never change. Yiff Party had that feature for maybe years, yet only 4.9% of people ever actually used it.

Its like the site needs to have a huge flashing message whenever someone presses "import" which says "PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE ARTISTS POSTS, IF THE CONTENT IS SHARED VIA REWARDS YOU NEED TO USE [FILE UPLOAD]. PLEASE TICK THE BOX TO SAY YOU HAVE READ THIS MESSAGE"

Even that might not be enough though…


Don't take away their hopes. Sometimes I check the requests in Kemono request group in Telegram and get some nice content that I wouldn't have found if I didn't look there. So requests are most likely not gonna be seen, but there's always someone who checks them.

In sum, people can find some interesting artists to import in the requests section either on Kemono or Kemono's request telegram group.


you sir are truly epic

File: 1622204317664.jpg (41.94 KB, 700x700, aW1OVx2_700b.jpg)



somehow the redirects got fucked up


I don't know. I'll tell the admin about that to see what can be done to fix that.


By the way, I've researched about stegostamp. It's like a software that puts a random code in images to make it easier for artists to find who leaks content.

People can still manually upload art, but not many do that, and even less if the images have that code. Many don't want their Patreon accounts to get blocked to certain artist.

The only feasible option I can think of right now is to manually edit that code out of each image and upload them to Kemono using the file manual import feature.

File: 1622425621090.jpg (72.19 KB, 800x450, 5bjjeb.jpg)


Before the days of Patreon, commissions were the life-blood of the online art world. You paid someone with a skill in art to create beautiful illustrations or fap material. Now, we all know that Patreon has ruined that. But let's remember, while commissions are ideal, artists will still find a way to fuck that up. Afterall, what can you expect from people who demand payment just to view an image you didn't even commission.

That's what this thread is about. Tell your horror stories. From artist randomly dropping commissions, to artists banning commissioners for doing something they didn't even know was wrong. From poor communication, to unfair practices, anything goes.


File: 1622428493050.png (365.06 KB, 700x430, 60cqb3wx7rxz.png)

TL;DR: Artist's manager allows people to skip ahead of me when it was my turn, then artist gets lazy and takes his sweet ass time getting around to me. Fuck'em

I'll start. I got a few comms from an artist on twitter a while back. His slots opened back up again so I signed up. 5 slots and I was the last one. Now in the past this artist seemed to work alone, so I was surprised to be greeted by their manager. (They've complained about being poor in the past. IDK but hiring a manager seems expensive).

Manager asks me what I want, I say give me time to think about it, they say I will have plenty of time to think about it since I'm last. A month passes and it's finally my turn. I tell them I wanted 5 reference sheets, to which they reply that they let people order more comms through discord because I didn't know what I wanted immedieately (so much for having "plenty of time to think").

Keep in mind this was a month ago. So here I am getting shunted to the bottom of the list again, even though it was my turn. Two weeks pass and it's finally my turn again. Artist contacts me, says he's going to start working on it and then nothing. For two days, not a word. I decide to look through their feed and they drew their own character for "practice". Alright, cool, can you get back to the more important task? Another day passes, I check the feed again, there's a whole animation now.

Like, nigga I'm trying to pay YOU. Why the fuck are you procrastinating when there's money involved!?

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