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>You haven't favorited anyone!
Except I did, I had a shit ton of favorites that got wiped. This is why I requested a export favorites option multiple times. Fuck
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Yeah, how come the admin is so retarded and haven't implemented that already?!



fffffffff I had like 60 favorites now it's just {}

darnit, I wish I'd gotten this tip back in february when it probably worked :(


>not using local desktop txt files


My favorites are somehow back now? What happened?


my favorites are back too hooray!

shame the console trick isn't working though, still returns {} so I can't back them up

File: 1613428758103.png (8.85 KB, 750x400, crunceon.png)


share contnet of banned patreon creators if you have it (and it isnt on kemono).

heres some shit from the paraphore patreon before it got nuked. its repacked with better compression and no password.


one of the archives is high res art and the other is the lossless ost with patreon exclusive tracks (rip).
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How does someone get banned in kemono? i've been looking in the ruls but can't find anything that says how, maybe i'm just blind


Admin bans creators as a form of quality control, you can see who was banned here https://kemono.party/help/bans


>80 gb in total
what do i do im low on storage


Link doesnt work


Well, I sure wish they would unban Mal Malloy; her content is quality.
Make more storage, :^)

File: 1613186264811.png (576.42 KB, 1010x1600, b3ad9d2cbfc4881e3675284317….png)


What is the point of a site designed to aggregate paywalled content if you literally aren't allowed to aggregate some content. Given that Belle Delphine is on there I can only conclude either A : people in charge wear fedoras often, or B : extremely toxic creators are banned. If its the former than shame on you, but if its the latter than its just confusing. If you believe some people to be toxic, why would you disallow piracy of their content, thats the exact opposite of what you should be doing.
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See what happened to yiff.party and you will understand


So is it just fear of DMCA or is it just another case of "not my preferred content"?

Wouldn't just about any artist hosted be able to make a DMCA strike anyways?


endlessly culling the site won't free space forever also how are we gonna deal with storage for creators that upload large blender files oh and forget that lots of them save 4k livestreams to their patreon
also when will text only mode be added
like dindin said its just a suggestion nobody is forcing each other

this wouldn't it be different if ((they)) flood the site with takedown requests oh and you realize artists and their knights act immaturely all the time right (worse than the thots)
inb4 ethics
you realize some parents force thier kids to draw lewd stuff right i swear i saw the article somewhere else

(stupid question but will you help ofans admin setup kemono on his server)


A bit of both, DCMA is only really a problem if people spam cloudflare with a lot of claims, much like what happened to yiff.party.
Also since kemono is open source, the site doesn't need to as permissive on content as yiff.party was, people can create their own instance and host whatever content they want there, so having some creators banned on kemono.party isn't as drastic as it was on yiff


*to be as permissive

File: 1614938395697.jpeg (18.02 KB, 500x613, images.jpeg)


I've been requesting for new update from a artist but still no news on it


That's just how it is, be patient and check the creator page once in a while, most leakers don't announce their intentions


If you keep asking for it over and over and over and over and over and over again you'll eventually be updated, thats what happened to me


How soon is too soon to re-request? I don't want to do it too frequently to the point i come off as an annoying fag


I've been requesting an update for the same creator for the past month now so I really don't know, should I be patient and wait longer?

File: 1614947971607.jpg (7.54 KB, 257x196,  .jpg)


Stop being such a bunch of whiny sissies.
If you can't contribute to the site in any way, not even verbally with an actually valuable feedback, just stop, don't shart this board up.


>Wanted to upload shit for like 3 artist
Fuck off


right….. I been trying to upload some new posts for the last 5 days and all i get is error massages.
so ya, like the other person said, fuck off


>board full of shart
>OP sharts on the shart pile with a new thread

Fuck off fuckin' off

File: 1614880299370.png (83.93 KB, 436x425, 1538028567587.png)


Error 503 Backend fetch failed
Error 503 Backend fetch failed
Error 503 Backend fetch failed

What's the plan?
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The OG kemono.party experience.


Meanwhile, all the useful contributors will stop paying attention and the camwhores and reaction channels will move in and drown out the content this place was designed for.


useful huh, you refer to them as a tool, without them this site won't even exist


If you cant wait, the artist page is stable. Just search their name with “kemono.party.” If your lucky, it will be on the first page.


recently this feature appeared briefly and then disappeared again

File: 1614988651205.jpg (3.23 KB, 275x183, descarga.jpg)


Agora tente pegar meu conteúdo novamente, veja o que acontece com você


Conteudo de macaco, uma delicia.


File: 1614991260980.jpg (17.67 KB, 400x400, highkcal_11piyo.jpg)

dont know what your spastic mexican jumping bean ass said, but up yours ya jew wannabe.


Tu é um preto macaco se tu acha que deve ganhar dinheiro só por porcamente botar uns assets juntos em uma foto.
sempre terá leakers em todos os lugares, se o kemono morrer vai aparecer outro pra tomar o devido lugar.

chora, dilate e você nunca será uma mulher, viadinho.

File: 1614962046426.jpg (263.29 KB, 1412x2048, 53f9861470ef87e62b16426652….jpg)


>join the telegram to see
>read the pin before posting
>read the pin
>scroll up without posting anything
>sorry this group is not acessible

did I get banned or did they lock it up because of the influx?
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You know within the first 10 seconds of joining the main development telegram, there's a bot that gives you a prompt to press within a minute, otherwise your account is booted from the telegram group?


We have an anti-spam captcha bot that instructs you to read the rules and requires you to click the button within a minute. I've increased the time limit to 5 minutes, which gives you more time to read the rules. Post your handle and I'll unblock.
I'm working on fixing the site, don't have much time to chat, sorry.


oh im so sorry also stupid question but how much bandwidth does this board get every month
also add Cstate like tcpguard.com on your site this should make things clearer
lastly replace the Google captcha pls


>I'm working on fixing the site, don't have much time to chat, sorry.
It would probably be enough to just update the "cuurently known issues" post you made in the locked sticky.


Vianen Haive

my thanks

File: 1614944239515.jpg (6.46 KB, 244x244, 20210226_162045.jpg)


This site is still in its infancy and it only started being updated after yiff.party shat itself and died, so i think its best we all like, be patient with it until it reaches its full potential, who knows, maybe it'll be as good as yiff one day


I hope so. I'm pretty sure admin is in way over their head right now though, the site's been broken in one way or another since the beginning it seems like.

I wish they would get around to actually fixing the problems instead of doing whatever it is that keeps making it worse.


Just now I saw a Ddos protection screen when going to the main page, so I guess the admins are trying to get the site back together



But still, it constantly fucking 504/503/525s on me.

FFS, fix it, admins!

File: 1614875253762.jpg (62.92 KB, 909x909, 20210127_003601.jpg)


Me watching Kemono.party go down hill just like Yiff.party
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that's why Telegram is fucking braindead choice for a site like this that requires anonymity and admin should be ashamed of themselves for making it an official channel.


text now free allows Google sign in
brb gonna buy a sim card on some random potato chips seller on the road (did the same for my online classes lol)
(a cheap non android phone will work fine)
hehe i like it here in the Philippines everything is so cheap


File: 1614933555294.jpg (144.16 KB, 1744x873, Screenshot 2021-02-18 2346….jpg)

>No way I'm ever having sex with anyone who looks at this stuff

Yeah I feel the same way about you people.
As far as I'm concerned, you all like looking at this guy.

Gay or not, you're all the same trash hoarders.


t. gay trash hoarder


>>2002 (thats the same image aaand archived)
why did you delete your other comment

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