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Hey Bro, when I enter the artist, it no longer appears to me, when yesterday it was working perfectly, what I was looking for in Kemono.party is Imbapovi and it is gone (Yesterday I was there, but I did not want it anymore) What do I do


What kind of content they made ? They may have been banned, but I couldn't find the ban list so I can't say for sure

File: 1614735870308.png (12.54 KB, 1377x978, bullshit.png)


Oh. My. God. The site is so fucking unstable after the update. Just going to an artist results in a gateway error or a white screen. When the fuck will the site be usable again?
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This is what I get for making a post in the middle of the night - that should have said:

"The grid view doesn't have that."

All of the artist pages are doing that. Refer to the current site status report: >>410


what they need to do is drop stuff like AT4W. We wanna see art not caustic critics


That was from a month ago.


It looks like that's still being practiced a month later. The site status report hasn't changed yet because it hasn't been fully fixed yet.


it's dated a month ago, but that post is being edited as things develop

File: 1615028835141.jpeg (11.96 KB, 399x399, images (3).jpeg)


Hello Mr kemonoDev can you fix free website today also remove any content I don't personally liek cuz it clogs server also I sent detailed list of artists I want update so update them tonight hurry up or I'll make more complaining thread thank u


No but seriously I don't know how you do it. I can imagine this taking a lot of effort and money and all you get in return from freeloading entitled retards are metric fucktons of bitching. You'd think after yiffparty died they'd appreciate stuff like this more but… ;(


>obvious bait is obvious


This place is as good as dead at this point anyways.


Horny people do be get like that sometimes smh
But for real It's better to just ignore them.


You're learning the wrong lesson from the YP shabang. It wasn't the bitching about the lack of moderation, but the lack of moderation that killed it. He opened the website to all kinds of contents, and it brought a very large amount of people who despised furries, and then subsequently milked the website for all it was worth to then celebrate when it was sucked dry.

File: 1615075434823.png (75.87 KB, 408x334, 1 vb37xDKUHtvoSGHRIOGe_A.png)


So how does one mitigate the traffic problem? My imagination tells me that hitting thresholds will be getting faster and faster and February's "limit" will keep repeating.
Well if there is anything I could suggest is to observer and see how much of specific content is generating how much of traffic. Namely Pareto rule which would safely assume that 20% of content generates 80% traffic.
Not that I would want to nuke those content to save bandwidth, but I am pretty sure many of those contents are easily accessible on other "popular sites".


There is already some discussion on this, see >>1856, but in short, reducing thumbnail size and using grid mode for posts should reduce the bandwidth use


Wow. Yeah, that should solve the issue I guess. I wonder if admin is keeping some daily bandwidth use statistics for projecting the use.


And I'd similarly like to farther reiterate my suggestion of simply setting "Grid" to be the default view with "Cards" being an alternate view that requires the user to actually manually select it (the option would then be remembered via some method, perhaps the same method that stores the Favorite - presumably via cookie?)

This could be taken a step farther and having the setting for grid vs cards even set on a per-artist basis, whereby if you switch from grid to cards, then it'll only remember for that specific artist and any other artist and/or any new artists that you view will still default to the "grid" view.


…though honestly the only reason I even prefer the "Cards" layout is because it provides a direct link to the post image.

If the "Grid" layout could also somehow provide a direct link to the post image, then I'd be completely happy using the "Grid" layout instead.

File: 1615062864140.gif (111.76 KB, 600x480, 99965219c186bdd23787266b6b….gif)


Why can't I access any artist's page? It always results in error 404, saying that the url is incorrect, even accessing the site itself. ;-;


File: 1615054741256.jpeg (12.53 KB, 416x416, images.jpeg)


Every artist I enter gives an error saying "not found"

in addition the site regularly crashes and slows down, can someone explain this to me? I ask that the errors be corrected soon


From >>410

>Site performance issues have been tracked down to the user/artist pages. They will be temporarily disabled until the patch is ready. Thanks again for your patience.


And they said the site would be fixed on March 1st.

File: 1615057127672.jpg (357.02 KB, 1200x1600, 1411948558668.jpg)


Theres something up with Kemono. Every artist I click on shows the Not Found prompt.


Please see >>410

File: 1614991172377.jpg (18.52 KB, 500x500, 419y28Lc0LL.jpg)


when i try to see an artist…it's always a 404 error


Yep. Same problem here.




File: 1615053378998.png (87.19 KB, 1366x768, 2021-03-06 (2).png)



Is there something wrong? What happened?


From >>410

>Site performance issues have been tracked down to the user/artist pages. They will be temporarily disabled until the patch is ready.

File: 1614798397712.png (60.24 KB, 200x249, 1607548330057.png)


You think (((he))) posts here too?


File: 1614923304360.png (145.9 KB, 397x222, 1612910504191.png)

Probably not, he's limited to cuckchan and Doomworld forums or Facebook if you manage to find him in a mutual group.





File: 1614991023723.png (15.9 KB, 1828x932, Screenshot (5).png)


So i don't know what this is. I can't click on any artist. Everytime i try to click on an artist i get this screen. Anybody know what to do?
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is yiff.party hosted on whatbox.ca seedbox servers they offer really cheap storage for low prices


I left unloaded files last night, and today, despite the error 503 when trying to load the page, the incomplete files were loaded without problems.
Conclusion: do not try to download everything at once, when the site becomes available, add as many files of interest to you as possible to the download list and then download


Hi, I am just gonna ask a question that I just got in to see an artist page to see any updates then I change to another but then it show me 404 errors (even go back to the artist page I last visted just now), but I can still see the post unless I have to check each of them. Is it something can be fix later or is it gonna be a long term problem. Thank you


I can't even access BEgrove [https://kemono.party/patreon/user/710287] because of this error.


>Site performance issues have been tracked down to the user/artist pages. They will be temporarily disabled until the patch is ready. Thanks again for your patience.

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