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File: 1617035553413.jpg (740.83 KB, 3600x2500, joe mama - Copy.jpg)


Discuss artists who draw giantess and size difference stuff here. Please contribute if possible.
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No idea. I found the posts, if you search for "giantess" some of them do pop up, but if you click the profile page you get redirected back to the artist page.
Probably bugged


I would really fancy this sauce.



When the "Image Search Options" Firefox extension can't even find the source = :*O

Good luck seeker…


Pretty sure that's MartyZ aka Acerok


File: 1622813694237.jpg (247.81 KB, 850x1202, sample_560386c2268c00f36d1….jpg)


Post the most amazing quality/skill artist you know who are leaked here. I'll start:

JustSomeNoob (simply unbelievable)

StevenStahlberg (again…But mostly only "fake updates". Whoever is updating this artist, please give the "actual content")

ArtNip (Amazing, but mostly just "fake updates" without the nude content. Whoever is updating, please give the actual content EG the GDrive links, not just the "rewards sent" posts, non-nude & previews)

Robuttz (probably an obvious mention but still)

PinkDrawz (a step lower but still great)
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File: 1622906662291.png (7.84 KB, 375x76, Captura de pantalla 2021-0….png)


Some creators like this.
Are hidding his contents in the comment section.

Can you add a comment section to the Post view?



This guy JADF is going full on nuclear right now. I have no fucking idea why. I looked on rule34xxx and the tag for his art has straight up disappeared. Sucks ass because some art on there isn't on other boorus. At least, I'm assuming it was his doing, and not someone being a dumbass. Could be wrong but you never know.


Above anon, comin' back for another reply. It was JADF, through and through. JADF is a fucking cunt.

File: 1618705515172.png (199.25 KB, 296x353, hatena liru.png)


There are some kemono artists that only use Fantia
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i just wanted some cupchan stuff on kemono…


+1 for Fantia


+2 for Rubicon (Fanta is OK but tastes a bit too artificial).


Yeah Fantia and Gumroad support have been ignored for a while when the content they provide is really good.


Debit cards work too.

File: 1622952942157.png (94.49 KB, 750x750, winrar_logo.png)


so, does anyone have the passwords for warfaremachine's models? i confort with the password for the krystal & miyu set

File: 1621390918513.gif (277.08 KB, 530x706, 119cb4ea883ae7cb64c0a866d0….gif)


Does anyone have the full download link to his game's latest update? It requires you to connect your patreon to itch.io
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Its ded D:


“It ded” as in the link? Because it works for me. Unless you’re talking about the discord, itself?


yeah. i can't use the discord invite link u.u


File: 1620615272151.jpg (11.83 KB, 474x316, download.jpg)


How do I install Gallery DL for Windows, I've never used anything from Github before and I need gallery dl for kemono
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are you running it in wich OS?


Hey, OP of the other thread that mentioned gallery-dl here. I tried installing gallery-dl via Python's pip command at first, but it didn't work for some reason I forget. I probably set up Python wrong. So I decided to install gallery-dl via Chocolatey instead, but unfortunately that was a few months ago and I don't really remember exactly how I set that up (or, for that matter, what Chocolatey even DOES as an application). After that, though, I just typed "choco install gallery-dl" in Command Prompt and it automatically downloaded everything gallery-dl needs to run, including Python.

Sorry if that's not too helpful a reply but unfortunately that's all I've got. Once you DO get gallery-dl running, though, I can help explain how to set up a config file and download from places that require logins and capchas and such.


Windows 10 Pro

I get this when trying to do what you suggested:
'choco' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


that means you dont have "choco" installed or is not listed on the enviroment variables



Yeah, Chocolatey is a separate application you need to install first.


The links for The November and December packs got removed so I was wondering if anyone has them


I found the November pack but the December one is still missing



Since we can't preview inside a ZIP/RAR, what kind of art is this? Is it pure furry or a mix of human too? No nasty shit in there like CP drawings or gore right?


OK its weird and not my cuppa tea, but theres nothing nasty. Its just gay furry porn with some inflation. If you like male furries with extremely long necks & dicks, you need to see this.


File: 1622842095249.jpg (314.32 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210604-162620….jpg)



How fucking fragile do you have to be to do this? Also, comments section is worse.

File: 1622082002759.png (741.88 KB, 1007x1049, Luna Panda Ref - Feb 2020 ….png)


The Shared File "SFJR Public Archive" on scifijackrabbit's Kemono page (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2390849/post/PbFkhZdV) is corrupt, and can't be extracted.

Since Shared Files are down right now, could the original uploader please link a working copy of the archive here? Thanks in advance.
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I don't even know why people use 7z when Zip/Rar is a perfectly fine and much more common format. IIRC compression is only a fraction better (making it kinda pointless unless adamant on saving every last byte). Its like when people compress lossless music with APE instead of FLAC. Yes its better compression but the difference is tiny its and only certain players can read APE. Just use FLAC or Zip/Rar stop being eccentric lol.


ZIP is shitty, compression‐wise, and RAR is encumbered by patents. 7Z is meant to be a viable FLOSS alternative but isn’t, largely due to the fact that RAR is close compression‐wise and is flatly superior performance‐wise. The fact that RAR was already well established before 7Z came about was just the icing on the cake, but FLOSS weenies will be FLOSS weenies. All that being said, while RARLab has always been more than fair the mere existence of 7Z helps ensure it remains that way.


Stop hating on my sevenzippy. Hate shitty upload scripts not doing checksums.


>>10068 >>10094 >>10135 >>10143
ok eggheads now where do i find a working crack for ALzip

>>10020 i hope yes (also vlc can't play webms but chrome works fine)
(theres a lot of corruption on my windows server 2016 SSD since the motherboard and storage controller was failing and i always kept it turned on while the OS crashed)
(my vbox also ended with grain errors while using linux fortunately my WD usb disk works and my files werent affected)


Why ALZip, specifically? What version of ALZip?

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