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When will uploading files be implemented to kemono.party?


It's already implemented but it's broken


ah Thank you for informing me

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Is there an android client for kemono.party?

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I tried to import my gumroad library but only my most latest purchases were added.


Strange. Do you have a log code?


here's the code for my latest attempt. Also sometime the same products show up in the imports page even though there were already added to kemono


*the code: c3f2bc14-b1d3-42c3-9d9d-82381652d08a.


any updates?

File: 1612758566671.png (207.34 KB, 1894x1075, Screenshot 2021-02-07 2125….png)


While kemono.party has continued to grow and improve, what needs to be looked at is the way it updates the entries for users already imported in

Take (only for example) VR Ferals. They had an update to whatever game they made and it usually says to check the nightly link page, so I did for the kemono entry existing, and I clicked on the MEGA link already imported. That link is defunct, an older version. If possible, the importer needs to improve on this so for patreon/subscribestar/fanbox/(insert whichever im missing here) users who release their updates and change links on a pre-existing page so subscribers have to navigate to that one page, the link updates as well

The page in question is from an Aug 9, 2016 entry that is being updated with a different MEGA link whenever there's a new nightly build; I know other users do the same thing instead of making newer posts to prevent us from getting access, so if its possible, change up the importer to fetch this new link and update it like they do, for past posts, or is that just not possible?


this is what the "flag for reimport" link on every post is for


Thing is: I believe I did that on one user and even updated them myself, but whatever link would've replaced a defunct link didnt happen. So I don't think the re-import feature really works

I mean, if there's total proof it does work, this re-import flag, ill gladly admit I dont know jack-shit, but until then….still waitin


Flagging for reimport does absolutely nothing at the moment.


Consider the opposite issue. Some creators try to emulate Fantia's backnumber system by removing all content from their posts after the first month. In this case keeping the original import would be preferred.

Ideally the importer should recognize that a post was updated, but keep all previous versions of that post as well.

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Has there been any considerations in regards to redundancy for the uploads to kemonoparty?

Some sort of system like IPFS?
I think something like this would genuinely be good, otherwise we're just a centralized service and all ripped data can be lost at anytime.

ofansparty has introduced IPFS support which is why I am bringing this up.


on an unrealted sidenote, it would be nice to get support for paywallparty's imageboard on KurobaEx (F-Droid). I unfortunately am not a programmer, otherwise I'd just submit a PR myself.


(Didn't want to spam open threads for this, figured it'd be best to just suggest it here.)



look into the permanent booru

File: 1613136196405.png (327.58 KB, 935x548, chrome_2021-02-12_07-16-20.png)


curious, has Ci-en ever been considered for the site? i know that there's fanbox and DLsite circles are up for being imported, but their doesn't seem to be anything for DLsite's more patreon-like website Ci-en

could be pretty nice to have, there's definitely a few creators on there i've been eyeballing that'd be cool to see on here. i know that other things are more important atm though so i understand if it's not a top priority

(i am aware that kemono is open-source, but i know jack dick about programming and i don't exactly have the free time to learn …)


*there, i am genuinely braindead


I would like for Ci-en and Fantia to be an option since there's a lot of good shit on both sites (especially on the latter), though the higher priority right now should be to improve the UI of the site. I can't find shit unless I already know about the creators I'm looking for, the browsing experience on kemono is abysmally bad.


There's also memberme.net


I too would really appreciate it if Ci-en & fantia could be supported as well.

File: 1613006894032.jpg (403.82 KB, 2896x2896, 20210210_192529.jpg)


This is seriously a standard? What has the internet come to?


>but but everything i disagree isn't art
.t simp


bruh, in music 100 gecs, Radiohead and Ornette Coleman are all music artists so anything is possible.


Dude seriously? Look at the picture. Why the fuck are you trying to take this "holier than thou" approach. I'm just making fun of the placement of the mouth for fucks sake.


Don't blame the artist, blame the patrons. Same with onlyfans simps.


you do know that this artist doesn't usually draw faces like this right?

also the character is from TUFF Puppy apparently so don't blame him for it https://tuffpuppy.fandom.com/wiki/Becky

File: 1613088987389.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210211_181551….jpg)


Is a traer Giantess artist, including the genus vore and endosomatophilia.
I have some posts from their patreon, where can I upload them?

File: 1612654604980.png (62.29 KB, 512x627, patreon-error.png)


This is what I see when I try to add a pledge: "Oh no! It looks like you don't have permission to pledge to %artist%. The most common reasons for this are due to previous payment declines or suspicious activity. If you feel this block was in error, we suggest reaching out to %artist% on another platform."

WTF? I had no payment declines. I did upload to Kemono though, obviously.

What now?
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If it's normalising the dots, you can actually add anything after your gmail address with a + symbol.

For example, "youractualemailaddress+patreoncuck@gmail.com"


If it normalizes dots, I wouldn't be surprised if it ignores the "+" part… I know some smartass websites do that. Also there's no easy way to test it if they don't indicate problems right away.



Just buy the cheapest domain you can find and set up an e-mail server at home (for merely receiving messages, no static IP is needed). Then make the e-mail server forward all messages into a single account regardless of actual recipient (this is called catch-all) and voilà, unlimited addresses at your disposal.

I do the exact same thing and it works fine.
You can also use a free dynamic DNS name such as those provided by no-ip.org.


i plan on making my own instance in the future but i don't want creators finding out my home IP any free services out there? cuckflare is censored also i hate quarantine i can no longer have a good budget every month


How will creators see your IP? I seriously doubt any of the paywall servcies leak IPs of users to creators.

File: 1612975435759.jpg (348.89 KB, 3840x2160, TrollFace.jpg)


I don't know how to get this

And one more question, is it available after canceling the support?


where is the issues and feedback thread here the first post appears to be locked

also can admin add word filter so people don't make request threads

thanks sorry for wrong thread

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