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File: 1616335411180.jpg (91.51 KB, 850x642, sample_5116029796aa5812f80….jpg)


I don't know if anyones interested in this artist but I noticed his KP gallery is really lacking, and I noticed a massive Dropbox he has (taken from Yiff.Party) is still online so I'm gonna download the whole pack and upload to KP but its big and I don't know any filehosts that don't need me to make an account and will not expire.

Can anyone name a good no bullsh*t host I can put this stuff on so I can upload it in a way that theres no risk it'll be finally deleted by the artist if its discovered?


NVM, I just realised I can upload directly from my PC to KP so I'll upload ASAP but ATM the direct import feature seems to be broken.



File: 1612720319383.jpg (61.36 KB, 806x1200, 9077150dbfa20fec82aebc8ec9….jpg)



Like the last time, the link above leads to one of yiff.party archived links. Sadly, not all artists got archived, but there's still some. Some files also seems to be inaccessible due to being corrupted or something… Some says that the site got shut down when the archiving process is still going on…
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oh shit ravenravenraven is here, fucking pog


File: 1616186926871.png (498.59 KB, 849x630, sadness.png)

No chink or nippon artists. What a shame.


Caught in the girls toilets AGAIN JC fucking Denton. What a shame. GET OUT of my office and don't come back until you have brought me the Chinese porn data!


Not so interested on furry stuff but it's fine to see something could be recovered from YP.


Same, but thankfully its a mix of furry & human art.

File: 1616337070839.gif (1.79 MB, 240x135, osr.gif)


Anyone nows the password for the encrypted ZIPs?

File: 1615980597771.gif (803.57 KB, 250x270, tumblr_642898d9b08dea8042e….gif)


>site is working decently well
>barely 504'ing
>pages are loading fairly quickly
>an artist i like is getting updated (no images still but i like that the artist i like is getting attention)

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I hope the 'recently updated' page gets changed back, in its current form theres only one page.


Only one page and it's not even in a proper order.


Yes, it finally works decently!


is there a way to export favorites yet?


Sadly, not yet. We can only hope.

File: 1616220586138.jpg (55.11 KB, 865x526, download.jpg)


Which shows that all that work did indeed speed things up, or at the very least the switch to a new host did.


first we speed the UI them we speed the requests, little by little this site is improving


Yea I came back after a little breather and the site seems to be running now faster than ever. Whatever the fix was, its time to break out the Champagne!

File: 1612706827276.png (13.66 KB, 300x180, download.png)


Does anyone know the current way to get the full size images from a fantia post? I found one thread that said to remove the "main_" part of the URL but it is 3 years old and not working.
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man I miss yiff.party with their fantia stuff, I was asleep when they were gone, didn't get the chance to save anything


File: 1614485579884.png (1.05 MB, 1668x2388, fire_emblem soleil konomim….png)

Well, if we can share some fantia link, I will like to suggest Konomiminoko, he mainly do Fire Emblem characters (especially Soleil) and sometime Pokemon characters: https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/34958



File: 1616327806782.jpeg (39.22 KB, 768x507, 62A23897-D6CD-480B-AE87-1….jpeg)

File: 1616136539265.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1080, XD.png)


the site back to the old design but it would be better if the search bar was still there
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Is there still a way to search posts not just artists?


bruh there's literally a search bar for that on the left, if you're on PC


I don't mind the old design if it makes the site more stable and right now I'm wiping tears on how unusualy fast its running, ganbatte


IIRC that bar shows up mobile too.


Keyword search and the ability to attach DM content to posts is all I ask. So far haven't even gotten a taste of the second one.

File: 1616143138488.jpg (53.58 KB, 512x468, unnamed.jpg)


so favorites are fucked forever, huh? we back to the old layout, favorites tab wiped as usual, then eventually we go to the new layout, with the favorites tab wiped again.
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I just screencapped my favorites page; works about the same, really.


At this point it might be wise to bookmark or save the link of your favorite creators, that way if the search becomes broken you can still access the creator's page, and you don't have to worry about your favorites being deleted.


all my favorites are gone, this is the like 9th time this has happened and every other time they magically came back….

but this time i didn't realize they were nuked, went to a userpage, favorited it, now my favorites list has one entry on it. I worry this means they won't all magically come back like before.

any one know? when favorites vanish randomly like this do once or twice a week, does adding a new one prevent them from magically returning?


Every time my favorites went away in the past I tried and failed adding new favorites, and when they finally came back I got duplicates from those attempts.
This time the new favorites immediately got added so it seems like the old ones are gone forever.


Could we please refactor how the favorites work so people can back them up and import them at any time? Clearly saving things in an accountless, cookie based manner is not working out reliably.

File: 1616104821744.png (89.18 KB, 191x248, 1584409245361.png)


Just a side note, has anybody noticed that u-18chan's mods are becoming more and more like e621's mods the more time that passes? They also got so anal as to make sure you can't ban evade by installing an anti vpn plugin to their site. Not only that, but they basicly ban whenever they feel like it, and no where is that more apparent then when people simply bump a thread that was doing well but then died for some reason. So a person goes and bumps asking what happens and then bam! banned. Also they implemented a word filter that I'm going to be trying to post a list of so everyone can get around it.
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Meh. It's not been a good piracy site for quite awhile, but otherwise it's just your common imageboard.

Whiny users, constant baiting/arguing, and mods getting called <insert evil group here> for attempting to establish a semblance of order.


Its a fucking 4chan esk board. A moderators job is to clean up botspam and to make sure advertisements and spam are completely a nonexistant problem to actual discussion/flame wars. Flame wars shouldn't be censored and the fact the mods have a word filter other then to combat discord link spamming literaly reeks of them turning into e621 moderators. They need to stop trying to order anonymous people around lol, It won't work.


And people wonder why less and less people use imageboards nowadays. If every conversation ends up in retarded screeching to each other then there's really no value. Also thanks for proving my point.


> If every conversation ends up in retarded screeching to each other then there's really no value.

Reminds me of 96% of the Yiff.Party BBS…


inb4 the mods here will go full rulecuck to stop the percieved haters thus completing the echo chamber

File: 1616160558175.png (140.45 KB, 1808x873, imagem_2021-03-19_102754.png)


(DO NOT MENTION HIS NAME) this artist seems to not have any images? idk i think most of the images are exclusive to rewards? most of the rewards are 3 dollars only so if someone could get the images and upload them that'd be good
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It's in the fucking screencap, you doofus.


ah yeah, but like, dont mention his name or else idk what if the artist finds this thread idk


I just looked up his/her name on image search, and if I found the right guy (draws mostly elf men), he looks really quite amateur. So I can't imagine he'd be anywhere near rich enough to take someone to court. We're talking thousands & thousands of dollarpounds, and if he lost he'd have to pay the defendants legal fees too and would likely end up in extreme debt. I think the most he (or any normal hobby paywall artist) could do is complain, as in "take my art down!".


Fucking retard, can you not use your pea sized brain?


>guys help. his announcement posts don't have images
Yes, and?

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