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Like, the comments are worse than the picture. For fucks sake, listen to the people who tell you they don't like something. Listening to a bunch of fetishists is how you lose your primary fanbase.

I fucking hate when these dipshits come in and encourage the artist. Fuck off, they don't need you to defend them. Let them whine.
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Seriously, Anon? The classic, "just draw it yourself response"? What the hell is up with all of this dodging and deflecting? Are you just an artist in hiding?

Let's go over some things. The reason both you and me are here is because neither of us can draw. That's where your argument loses merit. You can't even draw yourself so don't say something so dumb. If you can't even do what you just told me to do, then there is no real weight to your words.


I'd like it if both of you would shut up, you both sound like real assholes


You make this so easy.

>must their enjoyment come at the cost of my own?

Again: You're never going to like everything an artist does. Nobody is forcing to look at/like shit you don't like, nobody is forcing you to whine about it (I'll expand on that in a moment), and nobody is forcing you to keep following an artist whose work you no longer enjoy. The artist and the people who enjoy the stuff you don't aren't hurting you - you're hurting yourself. If you can't control it, you shouldn't be whining about it. Accept that you can't change it and move on with your life.

> We should be able to speak about things we don't like.

You are. Doesn't mean anyone has to listen. Nobody here owes you a shoulder to cry on. If nobody here wants to deal with you whining about how an artist you like drew something you didn't like, that's something else you can't change by whining more about it.

> I'm not telling them to not make the stuff.

You're close to it, though.

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Okay, I know this guy is being embarrassingly degenerate, but that's a whole lot of words over a whole lot of nothing


shut up fag, it's hot
if you're too much of a pussy to look at art you might not like, consider turning your computer off and going outside, you petulant baby

File: 1613885269396.jpg (58.19 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20210220_232105.jpg)


How can one import posts from there?


only fanbox is supported as of now


Fantia's not supported yet, but I hope it'll be soon once things are sorted out by the admin.

File: 1613513746192.jpg (16.4 KB, 411x145, Captura2r.JPG)


I want to contribute but i can not find the "session key" only the "session_id". i am using chrome


That's the right key, as specified on the tutorial page.


File: 1613674605876.jpg (20.9 KB, 492x144, Csapturar.JPG)

so, when i put the key this warning appears:


What if we had a chrome extension that could extract keys for people easily? Or even beyond that an option, automatically send their patreon/gumroad/whatever keys to kemono.party. The easier it is to import the more imports we will get right?

File: 1613462937745.jpg (64 KB, 507x731, Untitled2.jpg)



Here's a little thread to discuss who you think is the best hetero and/or solo female artist out there. It can be for any reason, whether or not it's your personal favourite.

You can also discuss other people's favourites, but let's keep things civil! This is for discovery's sake, not a turf war.

As for me, and this is a rather recent but amazing find, it is PersonalAmi (https://e621.net/posts?tags=personalami). This artist has incredible render skills when it comes to the softness without the girls being fat or hyper, and actually draws bottom-heavy girls with small/flat chests too. Both of those things are actually rare nowadays (sadly).
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because he himself is one remember the reaction thread?


Woah, Sindoll is female? Where's the source? I'm genuinely curious.


No, I think OP meant creators who draw straight or solo female content, not female artists, but I could be wrong


Oh god. I forgot. The only thing I remembered him for was the yiff.list thread. I forgot Nonymous is part of that crowd. God dammit dude.


Oh that makes sense. If that's the case, my bad.

File: 1613785308225.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.76 KB, 1000x1000, 1612929155452.jpg)


Could someone please fix the goddamn layout? What happened to the beta layout, why did the site shit itself?
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favorites automatically imported fine for me. try loading up your favorites page again and listen to the instructions about not refreshing until its finished importing. got everything there and it shows last update date under creators now, it's awesome. why the fuck would anyone want the old layout where you don't even know if the pages were updated?


there must be something to do with favoriting while in new layout, maybe that's what overwritting my list


but eh, old favorite list didn't do anything anyway lol so new one is a ton better with sort feature and stuffs


it’s so nice layout. so I think add recently updated of different service more and more.


but i got used to the old UI is there a setting i can enable/disable

File: 1613798148671.jpg (5.95 KB, 234x251, 4chan 1233272112286s angry….jpg)




Oh, and also the entire site 500s/525s. But damn, when it works, the new layout is neat.


It looks like that I'm not the only one having this problem.


You can probably still access it.
Run this in the browser console on any kemono page (not here though, even an error page should do work too):


Copy the JSON and paste it on a notepad or something, then wait for admin to fix it.
Maybe you'll have to re-add them manually later but at least you got the IDs saved.


Yeah that doesn't do any shit.



cool this worked, hope they add a import favorites option… or some shit like that

File: 1613581495300.jpg (198.71 KB, 5000x3000, GTU.jpg)


It would be really nice to see recent posts from your favorites on the landing page. Neither the current favorites page nor the beta have a "last updated" column, so you literally can't tell if there is new stuff without clicking each artist. This would lower sever load since people would only be clicking on things that were new instead of everything.

File: 1613567489024.jpg (105.61 KB, 1024x683, Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Fac….jpg)


File: 1613517170285.jpg (66.1 KB, 343x898, 8bfd9f9.jpg)


So I notice that there's a File Uploader on users but no File tab. I'm less familiar to this than Yiff, how do I access uploaded Files? Pic unrelated.

File: 1613512772575.jpg (47.16 KB, 600x600, nilesyy-nilez.jpg)


Is it possible for old posts to get deleted when a new import is made where those posts no longer exist? I want to help archive some stuff on a dying page, but don't want to do more harm than good


>Is it possible for old posts to get deleted when a new import is made where those posts no longer exist?

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