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If I remember correctly the reason why yiff party was up for so long was because it used a system that hid it's IP/server hosts from people viewing the site. Does Kemono use a similar or different means of protection from DMCA or Copyright strikes? I've seen multiple posts on the forum from tards who want to take Kemono down, so is there a means of stopping them?

pic unrelated
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Either he got way more than that (hell he could've been lying about donation amounts the whole time, nobody knew where the money went except him) and decided he was rich enough or someone found his real identity after it became so huge and well known. I really doubt he just bailed because he didn't feel like running it anymore, especially since he fucked over everyone by not handing it off.


Yea it wouldn't surprise me ;(


>or someone found his real identity

so… kemono can also be taken down by doxxing admin?


Soon sites like this will be created and administerially ministered by rampant AI codes who don't want to pay to look at hentai. If you try and dox them, your house will be literally erased from existence by the orbital defence satellite (hacked to work as a backup porn server) that officially was never built.


until then, kemono's admin can be doxxed. Got it.

File: 1616766916545.png (56.27 KB, 1193x692, Zrzut ekranu 2021-03-26 14….png)


You probably have seen this insufferable lags when you open some pages on kemono.party. Worry not my friend, I have perfect solution. All you need to do is block certain javascript file named research.js.
But my friend, what does it do?
-No idea.
Is it really safe comrade?
-What can go wrong? Worst that can happen some developers will be mildly annoyed.
Does it really work?
-Works for me.
But comrade, I don't know how to block this capitalist software.
-Worry not my friend, just press F12, go to network tab, right click row with research.js and click block url.
That's all folks remember to share your patreon feed like good Marxist-Leninist.



Someone who knows about javascript should take a look at this, there seens to be code that captures screen width and height, but I could be mistaken


from what i can tell its a bot detection script from akamai, so should be safe. it's used elsewhere by large companies like fedex / pizza hut.

File: 1616527617927.png (83.19 KB, 330x328, ss (2018-03-10 at 10.23.35….png)


Kind of an anti-request, if that makes sense.
黒月 (fanbox 515040) seems like the kind of guy who's prone to meltdowns and could nuke all his stuff if he gets too salty about it being posted here.
Thing is, he seems to be cooking up something nice but time-consuming.
If anyone was planning on posting more of his stuff here, it would be wise to wait until his next big thing comes out.
Pic unrelated.


I have just informed the artist with a screenshot of this post.


File: 1616630211038.jpg (17.82 KB, 600x600, low quality bait.jpg)

You fell for the 99cent bait hook line and sinker. Get ezed dumbass


Blackmoon? Yeah he rages and plays the victim a lot. Just look exhentai.
I have his stuff until january, I'm just waiting for this update to leak it on Kemono.



File: 1616264727930.png (636.36 KB, 850x478, 1614412731655.png)


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File: 1616473707058.gif (56.44 KB, 180x419, Hazama_clapping.gif)

Nice ban evade retard


i only saw the redtext message today (it wasn't there before)



The 2 reds are a bit different! What does this mean!?


File: 1616542779624.gif (982.3 KB, 320x287, 1520308010384.gif)

Just means it aint legit and an actual moderator didn't actualy ban him. He's been bad at trolling since Yiff party. He still is bad at trolling


That's offensive!

File: 1613435355301.png (9.39 KB, 825x275, 2021-02-15 20_26_17.png)


Quite like the new beta. Layout is much more clean that the current one.
Glad that there is a sorting system in the favorites.
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Is the site down for anyone else? I've been getting nothing but 504 Gateway Timeouts for a while now.


File: 1616497007983.jpg (41.98 KB, 630x420, detective-pikachu-leak.jpg)

Would've been nice if you could sort posts by date added to kemono, instead of date published by the content creator


Any plan to add a way to sort favorites by latest update?


that was in the old (new?) layout, which is gone now and it


I know. It would be great to have that back.

File: 1616467758908.png (896.36 KB, 1838x1077, Screenshot (9).png)


Anyone got the bare backstreets 5.9 pass?
I fucking wanna play it but I dont wanna pay 5 bucks.

File: 1614938395697.jpeg (18.02 KB, 500x613, images.jpeg)


I've been requesting for new update from a artist but still no news on it
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File: 1616371367708.png (504.73 KB, 1526x908, D681EC73-2F02-4D66-95BA-89….png)

Does the “request thread” here even work? I posted a bunch of Fanbox artists I wanted to be put on there, but nothing came of it.

I’m not even spamming it constantly, I only post once in a while and I’m not even rewarded for my patience.


I can't see any reason why it'd work here any more than it did (as in didn't) on Yiff.Party. Its a 1000% waste of time if you ask me. You see the same people requesting the same few artists 6000 per week, for months on end. You got more chance of winning the lottery than getting a request filled, so you might aswel just enjoy whats here, and forget about what isn't. Save yourself the frustration.


You're telling me.
I've been requesting BEgrove to get updated for over a month and still no new videos/downloads since "Enticement".


File: 1616380851512.png (24.07 KB, 127x128, FE9E7CA9-F02B-409A-9951-A9….png)

At most, I'd say make a request on the site's actual request page (instead of the pinned thread) once, and just be patient. Unfortunately what most other anons are saying is right which is why I was celebrating the fact I got an update at all. Sad truth is that you very rarely see artists get updated unless they're super popular. Most you can do is make one request and then pray that someone who has the same niche interests as you sees it and fulfills it. I am not a very wealthy individual so I can't provide any dumps myself but I sincerely wish you the best of luck and hope that that one artist you really like gets updated in the future, anon.


Fuck off, no one cares. End of story.

File: 1616267348239.png (316.42 KB, 644x501, imagem_2021-03-20_160817.png)


>makes a request
>why dont you pay for it

wow its almost like i dont have easy access to dollars so i can pay and have access to the art so thats why i am here in this website
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*not 100%… Man why can't we edit comments lol?


This is peak idiocy. Why the fuck are you here then? Leave.


They want to stir shit up and start txt wars. Yiff.Party was full of them kind of users too.


File: 1616376074187.png (81 KB, 624x628, FlAMoxd.png)


i mean discord white knights dammit i made a mistake again

File: 1616351605346.jpg (135.65 KB, 1035x1300, skeleton-reading-14115004.jpg)


so i was here, browsing my kemonos and thinking, are there any actually complete artists in this site? any artists that have no posts missing and shit?

Just…thinking about it

File: 1616347483888.jpg (186.79 KB, 1250x1000, 06a832a948a42ffe5d2e1848fc….jpg)


anyone have the externally shared items for crumbles> many thanks

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