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I'm not familiar with crowdcast but I know this creator uses it for livestreaming, and later the vods. I believe the site has things called paid events they use that lets the creator's patrons see it. Thus when I open the links on the KP posts, it opens up to a blank (pictured above)

To the person updating FOT, is there any way to get access to these without being a patron, maybe through you? Because they have exclusive requested content in the livestreams… if not thanks for uploading their other shit anyway, really appreciate it.


*Probably should have added a link to their page, my bad


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Anything related to Webnovels,Litrpgs and such.
Big thanks to whoever updates those!
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Love you whoever updates thundamoo. Those "see you tomorrow" at the end of his chapters were driving me insane, especially when chapters were never tomorrow, but day after.


Someone make a new thread


April 1st is Lilith day.


new thread posted, move there. 4522


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No title and there is nothing on that link :(


were all getting errors here left and right
maybe come back sometime when site is fixed

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Hi. I didnt want to log in to manage favorites, so I wrote a script to let you do it without logging in.

You can use this with the Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey browser extensions.


current features:

- automatically imports your old favorites from before the login system was added
- adds "favorites" link to top left of main menu
- since favorites redirects to login when logged out, changes the login page to a favorites list
- hijacks the favorite button on artist pages so the extension uses it instead, instead of sending you to login
- stores extension favorites in localstorage with artist display name, id, and platform

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nice script thanks

inb4 creators will be locked with login wall because admin is so desperate to keep his site hidden
and then a sign in with facebook option is added cuz why not track them?

File: 1616834977317.jpg (44.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


How do you search through the posts on KP? The help page makes a reference to it, but you can only make searches for artists on the post page, thanks for any help!


I'm not 100% on this but I'm guessing its like a placeholder for a feature that doesn't actually exist yet. Like file uploading is another. Try using the "upload file" feature, and no matter what you try to upload, it will give you a "too large" every single time even when it isn't "too large" :(


* "too large" error I mean


I wanna know thıs too.



It became a working feature on the beta rollout, and it was great, but as we all know, the beta crashed and burned so now we're back to the stone age until they figure it out.

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What, the site? Its been working for a long time now.

File: 1616957193036.png (1.18 MB, 2241x1567, 새_캔버스.png)


Does anyone have the Drive folder link for JMG?


Probably best to ask one of the link sharing threads like the 1 on the 1st page; has a picture of that Halo dude or whatever, if you can't find it.

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The Alpha of Awe. The Brute of Brawn. The Cultivator of Class. The Duke of Domination. The Emperor of Eloquence. The Fiercest of Fighters. The Greatest of Glory. The Height of Heroism. The Imperator of Intellectualism. The Jarl of Justice. The King of Knights. The Lord of Loquaciousness. The Master of Mortality. The Naysayer of Noobs. The Overlord of Obituaries. The Prince of Passion. The Que-hagen of Quixote. The Ruler of Ruination. The Sultan of Smite. The Taskmaster of Trembles. The Undertaker of Ubiquity. The Vaeyen of Vociferousness. The Warranter of Weaklings. The Xenophobe of Xenogeny. The Yardmaster of Yesteryear. The Zhar of Zoroastrianism.







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Kys faggot


What is this???


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So uh, why do we have to login just to view our favorites?


It's so they're saved if there's any more updates

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