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>join the telegram to see
>read the pin before posting
>read the pin
>scroll up without posting anything
>sorry this group is not acessible

did I get banned or did they lock it up because of the influx?


oh shit i think its too late to join
is there a script to archive telegram channels just like discord DHT

>admin not posting frequently on BBS

hello BUI


You know within the first 10 seconds of joining the main development telegram, there's a bot that gives you a prompt to press within a minute, otherwise your account is booted from the telegram group?


We have an anti-spam captcha bot that instructs you to read the rules and requires you to click the button within a minute. I've increased the time limit to 5 minutes, which gives you more time to read the rules. Post your handle and I'll unblock.
I'm working on fixing the site, don't have much time to chat, sorry.


oh im so sorry also stupid question but how much bandwidth does this board get every month
also add Cstate like tcpguard.com on your site this should make things clearer
lastly replace the Google captcha pls


>I'm working on fixing the site, don't have much time to chat, sorry.
It would probably be enough to just update the "cuurently known issues" post you made in the locked sticky.

File: 1614875253762.jpg (62.92 KB, 909x909, 20210127_003601.jpg)


Me watching Kemono.party go down hill just like Yiff.party
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that's why Telegram is fucking braindead choice for a site like this that requires anonymity and admin should be ashamed of themselves for making it an official channel.


text now free allows Google sign in
brb gonna buy a sim card on some random potato chips seller on the road (did the same for my online classes lol)
(a cheap non android phone will work fine)
hehe i like it here in the Philippines everything is so cheap


File: 1614933555294.jpg (144.16 KB, 1744x873, Screenshot 2021-02-18 2346….jpg)

>No way I'm ever having sex with anyone who looks at this stuff

Yeah I feel the same way about you people.
As far as I'm concerned, you all like looking at this guy.

Gay or not, you're all the same trash hoarders.


t. gay trash hoarder


>>2002 (thats the same image aaand archived)
why did you delete your other comment

File: 1614932385679.png (517.64 KB, 658x648, asdasdasdasdasdasfgsdvxcvx….png)



File: 1614916254267.jpg (144.27 KB, 1280x1823, conjoined_headginas_3__con….jpg)


Don't Get Freaky!

File: 1614868994342.png (20.69 KB, 126x162, wut.png)



anyone got password for this dude stuffs ? he moved everything here after deleting his stuff on pixiv

File: 1614846760581.png (32.21 KB, 657x308, aaaa.png)



This artist says he will send the reward by e-mail. Then is there no way we can access it here?


Content like that can be shared through the manual importer, but unfortunately I think it's not working currently

File: 1614369369226.jpg (54.64 KB, 748x737, IMG_20210219_112552.jpg)


So…is the site not coming back or…?
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>>Yeah, what the fuck?! THE SITE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BACK AND RUNNING. it's slow as a fucking snail, fix it! Also the favourites are fucked.

>The problem with a site where you can get other people's work for free…

Too many freeloaders expect that five star service is the entitlement of one star people.


yeah, my favorites got deleted :c


yeah, my favorites got deleted


Oh shut up. The site might as well be down in it's current state. I can't even upload content right now that's how bad the service is.


what are you fucktards bitching about. this site runs on a limited budget of donations from people who are already pirating. if you're not contributing money to keep the servers up, shut the fuck up.

File: 1612433884505.jpg (31.2 KB, 337x404, 1612428978277.jpg)


>exporting/importing favorites
>seeing when a creator has been last been updated in your favorites list
>having proper page numbers (like page: 1/3 for example) instead of offset: 0/324 or something
Any plans for these Admin? I also think having the favorites list how Yiff.party was laid out where the creator search and favorites list were on 1 page would be better than how it is now.
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Yiff actually went down several times because of sudden explosions of content when people started uploading youtubers and 3dpd content. We also know that the ban on it was effective purely on paper, the majority of those pages were never taken down once.
Besides, there are hundreds of options to getting normal porn and patreon leaks from mainstream e-celebs anyway. There are entire reddits, telegramm chats, discord servers, etc. with thousands of active users constantly posting, updating and re-uploading content through mega files and torrents. There are almost no places to get patreon stuff from furry artists: exhentai is more focused on anime and japanese artists and rarely do you get direct dumps from patreon (and the galleries are harder to navigate when you get to 300+ pictures), and on U18 actual leaks are extremely rare and much harder to find unless you're talking about a popufur artist. What's left? luscious.net and old forums where, after you register, you find out 90% of the links are broken, if they are even up to date by a margin of less than 3 years.


just use a good ol txt file

post number is >>1738
also didn't notice my typos above oh well


not to mention a hellscape of redirects


man i wish i had some sort of live scapping script for the board so i can fetch deleted comments while im asleep

>Not the gay stuff

>no amount of content quality will be enough
>onlyfans pic has xxx entertainment on the name
>he quoted when i said about fetishes
>post number is somewhere between 173 4/5/6
>im not a furry ive seen vore scat rape fetish (on second line)
>im talking about YOU
>you caused all of this
>they are interested not in anime reactions or thots
>whenever they see this trash they avoid it

is janny lurking thread i hope not
sorry for my autism and derailment i have the urge to repost deleted stuff my memory sux and webgenie has no cache


A easoer way to request updates would be great.

File: 1614789424104.png (334.5 KB, 720x720, 7md0x2cedwi51.png)


Ayo whoch pokemon is this


That is the pokemon known as Brian. You're gay now.

File: 1612686011297.jpg (58.09 KB, 450x393, 39545729.jpg)


Can we please be discrete about kemono, and not alarm the creators?
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Is it just me or kemonoparty always slow?
Like whenever i open kemonoparty it always slow and always says error
You know kemonoparty always work but that error just its too long to loading, that error 404 is bullshit
I refresh got error and refresh it again it worked
Its annoying


It was good at one point for a while till the cards update.
Too much bandwidth usage would be my guess, since when people click on a creator it relatively loads a shit ton of stuff now


stop the moralist discussion shall we (ok back to the topic)

was she the on who said stop artist victim blaming with a bunny ASCII on Twitter (YP flashback)
also i use archive.is to block IP loggers

elaborate? do you know more about this mysterious pokemon called BUI dozer

title: lets not get popular
content: how do we block simps here
man is fox butt plug not deep enough you really need to stop pulling it FFS
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I get what you mean, I'm kind of a data hoarder when it comes to a few things since there's no telling when they might disappear forever off the net, but the current web 4.0 hellscape will probably convince me to give up the habit.

Not only are artists moving to entirely dogshit sites like twitter that are a pain to use as an image gallery, content is being fragmented and scattered behind paywalls. I'm glad FA has lazy management, because the way the web is evolving right now doing nothing means you don't end up doing all the stupid shit the other sites are doing.


I concur. Years ago there was this artist called PJ-1 who had several pics including Shermie from KOF giving Chris a blowjob but like a dummy I didn't save them.

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