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Como odtengo un id

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"Searching for posts is straightforward. Enter the terms you want to search for, and both titles and descriptions will be scanned for your query. For example, searching for mio yuuko will return every post that has both mio and yuuko in it. You can also exclude a term by putting a hyphen (-) in front of it, and search for a phrase by putting quotation marks around it. They work about how you would expect.
Please note that Kemono has limited support for non-English search terms due to database limitations. Most notably, Japanese characters cannot be searched."
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Brıng back thıs feautre why removed ?


I'm also confused, this is mindbogglingly retarded. We basically just have two searches for artists now.


Bring back


>Mind boggligly

Its good people still use phrases like that. Life isn't so f*cking sh*t after-all.


Why can’t I search for old posts anymore? What if one of my favorite pieces are their older works and I have to keep scrolling through pages until I find it?

Bring this shit back kemono devs!

File: 1617348691662.jpg (1.24 MB, 2893x4133, 4080195 - Dragon_Ball_(ser….jpg)


It's our hope that this will not happen


That what will not happen?

File: 1616537340573.jpg (35.44 KB, 200x167, image0.jpg)


if i want them updated do i just like go to requests and vote on everything related to them? im getting a bit impatient
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Then when you’re in the mood to request (even when you know the artist you want on kemono will never get on there), you try to provide art of what you want looks like but this dumb site cucks you with INVALID IMAGE!

Then you use a different pic, get the same exact message and don’t even bother so you just upload plain text, even if the image probably wouldn’t have increased your chances anyways.


It really sucks, been waiting for months. I don't really understand how it works, Like i saw this guy has his thing updated even though this guy had a lower clout (follower/subscriber wise) compare to the guy im following. I was like, why this guy gets updated content while my dude stuck up for months considering dudes have lots clout.


I'm still waiting on artists who never made it out of Yifparty.


>It really sucks, been waiting for months.
Same… I even HAVE a lot of stuff to upload to the site (from artists who ain't been updated in ages) but Shared Files is broken so I can't share any of it. Been waiting on a fix maybe 2 weeks now. The admin explained why its broken but never said if he was working on a fix or not, so I don't know whether its worth waiting any longer. I don't sub to any artists so the only way I can share or update artists is by using Shared Files, and TBH it looks like nobody else is going to update (or add) the artists I have.

>I don't really understand how it works

Same. I thought it worked automatically like >>3838 but looks like thats not how it works after-all. Unless all these people are subbing for only 1 month then unsubbing.

I hear that :(
One artist I follow hadn't been updated in nearly 2 years on YP, and doesn't exist on KP but I DID find a whole updated archive of his art on F95Zone, and E-Hentai/Ex-Hentai, which was f*cking amazing, so always check those sites too before you give up on it.


You know what, they should just make different request threads for the more niche artists. Have the current one be for the mainstays and have another for foot fetish artists or something since there are a fuckton of them but get buried by more mainstream artist requests.

Like holy shit, where can I fucking request my shit if both options end in them getting buried. I can put it here but cause of “INVALID IMAGE” I cannot make my post stand out and if I use the request feature on kemono no one will see it cause it has 1 vote to start and unless someone searches for it, it won’t be seen.

What the fuck does a footchad have to do to get some updates/new artists on this fucking site?

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Is there a reason why the picture is duplicated on posts? Both lead to the same picture. Curious.


Always wondered the same thing. Hopefully its just a duplicate of the image link rather than the image itself (for storage cost/waste reasons).

File: 1617200703157.jpg (9.76 KB, 474x316, Confused.jpg)


sorry kinda OOT, is pregchan temporally down? i keep getting error 408 message on all browsers i attempt to enter



also this should be asked on /b/


Oh, sorry i didnt know we have and see theres /bx here, maybe admin/mods can delete this thread cuz i forgot to save the pass?

Also, maybe the domain probalem? Idk


i checked and got error 408 too, bur idk what caused it . at least for now

File: 1616205153548.png (497.19 KB, 1304x659, Yanjestuff.PNG)


Surprised no one has put Yanje up.


A lot of artists haven't been added yet. Just gotta focus on who is there ATM and forget about who isn't. Same with how YP was. Check other sites in the meantime.


any day now…

File: 1617156769641.png (231.64 KB, 468x345, 1484544495686.png)


New importer here.
How long does it take for an artist to update? I've been importing shit for some guys and their pages are still outdated.

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Anyone else unable to watch the normies naruto reactions, Keep getting the same error, tried using Reference control but isn`t working
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and this is how kp's slow death starts: not learning and repeating yp's mistake


like >>4218 said make your own party puritian scum his site his rules deal with it


Just saying kemono is gonna die like yiff for hosting soys and simps.

Would be nice if kemono died, and the 3rd one more strict with content. i wonder how memoryhole is coming along


How much have we heard about MemoryHole since weeks and weeks back on F95Zone? Thats probably a clue to how well its coming along.


It is not nice when Kemono.party dies, so that site will live on for now at least

File: 1614238561262.gif (1.69 MB, 395x520, 1613454101544.gif)


>Pedo MMD content creator
>Upset at kemono.party
>asking his simps to report this site to cloudflare and all it's 'hosts'
Now as far as I understand, pedofilic digital content is against patreon, youtube, and almost every platform's TOS
Report him on each of his platforms everywhere. Might get some pedos raided IRL
He lives in mexico and his discord's private admin channels have spanish titles.
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File: 1616473495125.jpg (23.96 KB, 259x300, braindeadfaggot.jpg)

Yeah nobody wanted to pirate her shitty loli art anyway, she's a dime a dozen, and when she realizes she has to put out the content anyway or no one is going to pay her well, she's going to pee her pants with how piss baby mad at how broke she'll be.


Funny thing is, his rant a while ago actually taught me about this place.


And a "breaking news" article calling for the death of Yiff.Party is what taught me about that site. Bunch of people screaming in the comments about the evils of piracy (and how it helps the poor haha) and I was like "this is EXACTLY the kinda site I've been waiting for for years! Since Paytreon became the new way!". Its exactly like they say: Bad publicity is still good publicity!


Kemono hardly has like 2 pages of his shit, why is he pissing his pants about it



Damn you art pirates, you made me get a real job!! damn youuuuuuuuuu

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