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The Site is fucking dying from everyone uploading YouTuber and E-Thot shit, we don't need that Artists, and Animators ONLY!!! FUCK, THEY KEEP CLOGGING UP THRE FEED WITH THEIR BULLSHIT!!!
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The sad truth is that there are very few sites,that are completely "DCMA-proof", exhentai is more tolerant than most in regards to hosting paid content.

For furry content, there is always the permanent booru, which is basically e621 without any dnp and hosted on the deep web. Links:



(Links need Tor browser to open)

There's also the hidden booru for anime content, which is hosted on i2p, but IIRC it doesn't have an api yet


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>especially for games
Oh no I'm with you on this one.
If you want free porn games either FAG95zone or /2dhgg/ on 4chan are your best bet.
Anything else tho, fuck that site.
>exhentai is more tolerant than most
If you have an artist that lurks those sites 24/7 reporting stuff you are out of luck.
That shit is the reason I went here in the first place, to upload shit that gets taken down in Sadpanda.




Good luck uploading loli/shota shit there.

IDGAF about loli/shota though. If I was running a site, that shit would be 200% DNP, so I'm cool with them having a no tolerance policy on it like many other sites.



>Even with that restriction I still would say that F95zone is a good source for leaked content, especially for games

Yea I've found a few regularly updated backlogs of artists paywalled shit on there which wasn't available elsewhere (YP or KP, or E/X-H) such as Hijabolic and (not that I'm big into 3D stuff but occasionally I dig it), BlackAdder.


i found furry steam VN games on IGG-games (yes there here)

(i found helltaker and changed there lol)

File: 1615317585207.jpeg (37.5 KB, 477x123, Screenshot_20210310-06111….jpeg)


I've come across a few of these links, however all of them have been missing certain characters in them.
I tried multiple changes in my attempts to fix them, but none have worked yet: am I missing something or is this not an implemented feature yet?

File: 1614740895450.jpg (71.35 KB, 694x609, 1613844514022.jpg)


not even yiffparty was this bad at keeping servers up
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admin is in way over his head. he needs a better web team.


I remember asking dev about this back on the old imageboard – he said he's gotten a few emails from other guys offering help, but for personal reasons he wasn't able to respond immediately. By the time he was able to get back to them, the coders were either busy with their own projects or just not responding.


to test a mans character give him power
i forgot this proverb source




Bleh, trying to search the artist list and changing the "page" does not update the list of artist as such it always shows the first page of results

File: 1615141115586.png (191.25 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210307-121659.png)


Hey Bro, when I enter the artist, it no longer appears to me, when yesterday it was working perfectly, what I was looking for in Kemono.party is Imbapovi and it is gone (Yesterday I was there, but I did not want it anymore) What do I do


What kind of content they made ? They may have been banned, but I couldn't find the ban list so I can't say for sure


I don't think so, because I entered the Recent Post and There The Videos appeared (Even The Artist Is There), I Also Looked For The Thiridian And MMDfun The Videos And The Artist Appeared In Recent Post, But Search Doesn't Work.


If you can find a post from the creator then you should be able to reach their page, the post link should be something like this: "kemono.party/(service)/user/(creator id)/post/(post id)", remove the "/post/(post id)" and you have a link to the creator's page.

Also make sure that you don't leave a blank space after the creator's name when searching, I experienced a bug a few times where the blank space was was considered part of the search query, giving me no results even when the creator's name was typed correctly

File: 1614944239515.jpg (6.46 KB, 244x244, 20210226_162045.jpg)


This site is still in its infancy and it only started being updated after yiff.party shat itself and died, so i think its best we all like, be patient with it until it reaches its full potential, who knows, maybe it'll be as good as yiff one day


I hope so. I'm pretty sure admin is in way over their head right now though, the site's been broken in one way or another since the beginning it seems like.

I wish they would get around to actually fixing the problems instead of doing whatever it is that keeps making it worse.


Just now I saw a Ddos protection screen when going to the main page, so I guess the admins are trying to get the site back together



But still, it constantly fucking 504/503/525s on me.

FFS, fix it, admins!


i am quite annoyed by how they are bloating the site with pretty lights instead of optimizing it, but im sure they'll get around to fixing it…eventually

File: 1615156882700.jpg (335.91 KB, 1440x2560, magazine-unlock-01-2.3.651….jpg)


Guys how can I find my artist?


What do you mean ? To get the search bar, just click on the "artists" tsb

File: 1615028835141.jpeg (11.96 KB, 399x399, images (3).jpeg)


Hello Mr kemonoDev can you fix free website today also remove any content I don't personally liek cuz it clogs server also I sent detailed list of artists I want update so update them tonight hurry up or I'll make more complaining thread thank u


No but seriously I don't know how you do it. I can imagine this taking a lot of effort and money and all you get in return from freeloading entitled retards are metric fucktons of bitching. You'd think after yiffparty died they'd appreciate stuff like this more but… ;(


>obvious bait is obvious


This place is as good as dead at this point anyways.


Horny people do be get like that sometimes smh
But for real It's better to just ignore them.


You're learning the wrong lesson from the YP shabang. It wasn't the bitching about the lack of moderation, but the lack of moderation that killed it. He opened the website to all kinds of contents, and it brought a very large amount of people who despised furries, and then subsequently milked the website for all it was worth to then celebrate when it was sucked dry.

File: 1615075434823.png (75.87 KB, 408x334, 1 vb37xDKUHtvoSGHRIOGe_A.png)


So how does one mitigate the traffic problem? My imagination tells me that hitting thresholds will be getting faster and faster and February's "limit" will keep repeating.
Well if there is anything I could suggest is to observer and see how much of specific content is generating how much of traffic. Namely Pareto rule which would safely assume that 20% of content generates 80% traffic.
Not that I would want to nuke those content to save bandwidth, but I am pretty sure many of those contents are easily accessible on other "popular sites".


There is already some discussion on this, see >>1856, but in short, reducing thumbnail size and using grid mode for posts should reduce the bandwidth use


Wow. Yeah, that should solve the issue I guess. I wonder if admin is keeping some daily bandwidth use statistics for projecting the use.


And I'd similarly like to farther reiterate my suggestion of simply setting "Grid" to be the default view with "Cards" being an alternate view that requires the user to actually manually select it (the option would then be remembered via some method, perhaps the same method that stores the Favorite - presumably via cookie?)

This could be taken a step farther and having the setting for grid vs cards even set on a per-artist basis, whereby if you switch from grid to cards, then it'll only remember for that specific artist and any other artist and/or any new artists that you view will still default to the "grid" view.


…though honestly the only reason I even prefer the "Cards" layout is because it provides a direct link to the post image.

If the "Grid" layout could also somehow provide a direct link to the post image, then I'd be completely happy using the "Grid" layout instead.

File: 1615062864140.gif (111.76 KB, 600x480, 99965219c186bdd23787266b6b….gif)


Why can't I access any artist's page? It always results in error 404, saying that the url is incorrect, even accessing the site itself. ;-;


File: 1615054741256.jpeg (12.53 KB, 416x416, images.jpeg)


Every artist I enter gives an error saying "not found"

in addition the site regularly crashes and slows down, can someone explain this to me? I ask that the errors be corrected soon


From >>410

>Site performance issues have been tracked down to the user/artist pages. They will be temporarily disabled until the patch is ready. Thanks again for your patience.


And they said the site would be fixed on March 1st.

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