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File: 1618159508423.jpg (33.63 KB, 552x502, 20210411_134412.jpg)


>keep getting http error 500 trying to get into the site

Did the site shit itself? What happened?


Ok its back but…wth just happened?


File: 1618192655671.gif (1.56 MB, 320x165, U1cQmHy.gif)

Happens from time ti time. The site goes into porly mode (slow loading & 5xx errors). I noticed it lastnight but havent checked back today.

File: 1617894695311.jpg (89.81 KB, 956x621, arehgsbou8iaserk.jpg)


what the fuck?


Motion sensors? Technology paranoia has been successfully installed.


They say if you shake your phone while on the site, you'll recieve ten chicken tendies. Don't tell mods I said this…


Hopefully if u have an android u get a free large chips with pot of curry sauce, & a large doner kebab with full salad, a pickled green chilli, chilli sauce, chilli powder & garlic mayo, and 2 beers. I know it can happen, if I just believe!


File: 1618170623084.png (5.54 KB, 384x240, HM_Wendy_Hotel_Start_Cutsc….png)

It seems like that pops up on the first viewing of the artists page, afterwards it never comes up. Very strange.


File: 1618191726010.jpg (118.81 KB, 800x600, 2007120301.jpg)

Ive never seen it myself. Maybe it doesn't appear on Firefox or something.

LOL those same few artists have been ontop of the list since HOW long? Is it ever gonna change lol? Some of them are pretty average (skill wise). Makes me wonder how they're topping a "popularity" list! Fans of some of the lower skilled artists topping the list: don't hit me.

File: 1615023670669.jpg (10.61 KB, 300x168, hackerman.jpg)


I have a long list of Yiffparty patreon user IDs i would like to add to kemono. I know there is no native import function yet but did anyone figure out a way to import them into the .json or such?


Save everything to your PC and organize it there. Don't use favorites next time and don't hope that online stuff that is here today would stay here tomorrow.


What do you mean with "save everything to my computer"?
I still have the favorites from Yiff.party on my computer and would like to import them to kemono.


i lost my favorites a few times now. What a stupid solution especially for peeps who use incognito mode.


You'll have to do it manually, like I did. It sucks, but it's all you can do right now.

Screencap your favorites regularly so you know what names to look up next time.


The IDs in the Y.P favlist export are just patreon IDs. Unfortunately, to import them to kemono you'll need to manually find which artist the ID is for (which isn't hard, just time-consuming) and then manually add that artist to favorites on kemono.

File: 1616968972691.jpeg (149.45 KB, 827x1028, 2CA1A9EB-BC4F-4940-B1E8-9….jpeg)


The only problem i have at the moment is that i can’t view or download native to patreon lonely videos so i wanted to know if there’s any solutions.


File: 1617038092702.png (52.36 KB, 1920x248, video.png)

If it is the type of video i think there is a work around.
1.Mark the post for reimport
2.Wait for an update
3.Download the file
4.Open file on a text editor
5.Look for the wanted resolulion like pic rel
6.Download .m3u8 file
7.Open .m3u8 on video player (that should do if you just want to watch it right now)
8.If you want to save it for later use the video player convertion option to export it like a mp4 or whatever else and that should save it for ever

You need the reimport of the file by an update because the links don't work after a day or two


Is there no way to avoid the links expiring? I've yet to find a single file that has been young enough to work, and re-exporting all the time seems like a lot of work.


I understand everything until step 5 to 6 my guy


File: 1618048095701.jpg (674.48 KB, 2246x1080, Screenshot_2021-04-10-11-4….jpg)

I'm having a similar issue. I copy the m3u8 file into VLC, but it can't open it. Pic related is the link I want to watch. Do I have to modify it somehow before?

File: 1617740658876.jpg (4.71 KB, 129x146, -c4lql1.jpg)


>asks to add the creator
>people add the creator
>fuck yeah
>go to see the creator page
>its all text posts
>its all text posts. Not a single image. Just update posts. No images

Look thanks whoever added the artist i wanted but couldnt ya at least have added one set?

(If anyone wants the artist's name just let me know)
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IMO the Shared Files thing should be in the top priority set of to-dos. I mean we've probably all notified that half or more paywall artists distribute externally, and have done for a year or more (because its the perfect way to become "unscrapable"). So with shared files gone now, its basically impossible to import upto 50% of paywalled art. I myself have a LOT of this "privately shared" stuff from a bunch of artists (almost none is on KP) but I can't upload any of it. I'm not a rich pirate so I just can't afford to pay £12+/m on my fave artists (and leak it here) so the only way I can contribute is via Shared Files. Seems like a no brainer to get it working ASAP.


All *noticed



Twitter officially maxes out images at 4096x4096, so even for artists that don't hold back, you can't even get the full image.


File: 1618013161838.jpg (73.2 KB, 917x720, fucking seriously.jpg)

or even better better, the people who import their shit don't upload any of the full images because the artist crops out the actual image to prevent people from getting them -3- so all you see is the cropped out preview like danza's


File: 1618024794336.png (9.07 KB, 389x255, FFUK U.png)

And the ultimate:

>Artist gallery full of girls in microkinis, 100% suggestive poses i.e. close ups spreading their fully-clothed asses

>Go through the trouble of subscribing to/finding their leaked patreon content
>No nudes
>No alts whatsoever
>image quality barely higher than web res.
>people still pay for this non-privilege

File: 1615507839321.png (14.37 KB, 446x235, 2021-03-11_18-07-37.cleane….png)


rss feed readers get 403 forbidden error xd


still beta just like the other stuff

also i coudn't load the site after checking my old creators list txt

admin should make an offline scrapper based on kemono in the meantime for manual uploads


i guess removing rss altogether is techinically a solution to a non-functioning rss feed xd gj admin

File: 1617816716272.jpg (172.35 KB, 1080x1267, fda08d7.jpg)


Ive been bumping the same artists for months now and nothing, not even a smedge of update has been added, it makes me feel like no one really reads the request thread

Pic unrelated
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I tried making a request once, you might as well be tossing it into the ocean. The contributors are only gonna contribute what they wanna pay for.


Yea its like farting in a 7,000,000 square mile Jacuzzi on extra bubbly mode.


owning wild animals is illegal hope you get arrested OP also where the hell did you buy that them


Its literally just a random pic i found in the internet bro


Is an Elephant a wild animal cos I bought 1 yesterday. And a Pangolin he's known as Dave.

File: 1617821335962.jpg (38.18 KB, 450x600, 132996786642.jpg)


Does anyone know any artists leaked on KP who hsvr some drawing tutorials? I usually just learn by myself but lately I want to see if theres any tips I can pick up from tuts. I'm not looking for video tuts, just "pics with text".

I found a couple of useful ones from "TheOtherHalf" (on Rule34), and "Manga Materials" apparently has some good ones but if you look at their page on KP, most of the posts are only (free?) previews or just 1 page of a whole tut.


Check out Doxy's tutorials, they're very helpful and informative.


Thanks I'll check them out! If anyone else knows any others, drop the names here.

File: 1615310927338.png (21.29 KB, 645x973, 1614540879867.png)


>hai guiz! someone PUH-LEEZE import twitter thot #80851387235 and twitch bitch #7490227738201 patreons? i heard they have hundreds of terabytes of generic softcore porn that i literally cant live without! then can you like, uh, import the entirety of onlyfans? my weenie demands it! k thanks bye!
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Every single post from every single creator is just a broken image link. The site has been nkthing but text posts for weeks.


Not true. There's also free onlyfans pages that are nothing but censored thumbnails with BUY MY REAL ONLYFANS SIMPS in the description!



And just like here, half the decent profiles there are 99% "CHECK UR DMS FOR ACTUAL FAPPABLE CONTENT HURR DURR" posts.


File: 1617926460432.jpg (50.88 KB, 860x808, hukftykd.jpg)

>Not true

I've got no reason to lie. Look at the dates on the posts. Just a random page. But they're all like this, whether I choose I newly added/updated one, or one from ages back. Its been like that since weeks ago.


RIP 'Shared Files' feature…

File: 1617920983507.jpg (74.18 KB, 610x499, IMG_20210307_003217.jpg)




File: 1617921535060.jpg (69.87 KB, 600x800, go_rikimaru_by_tincan21.jpg)

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