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File: 1615742255624.png (128.74 KB, 543x489, cursed.png)


So I found a way to wget without the 403 error, but I just got another idea. Right now wget is scraping the entire page, is there a way for it to yoink only the full quality image files? I don't need the thumbnails and CSS and whatever

image not related


Nevermind I just did it manually

File: 1614735870308.png (12.54 KB, 1377x978, bullshit.png)


Oh. My. God. The site is so fucking unstable after the update. Just going to an artist results in a gateway error or a white screen. When the fuck will the site be usable again?
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it's dated a month ago, but that post is being edited as things develop


the ability to search for creators is broken


Does manual uploading files work?! Cos It asks to either drop or select file, and neither fucking works for me.


>site is on 502
rip site, at least this board is here for now. The moment yiff died was the moment kemono got flooded and exceeded anything it's servers could handle. See you all on the next site whenever that shows up.



The site isn't "dead" dead like YP, its just dead "for now" as it often is these last couple weeks. It'll be back at some point I'm sure. Just gotta keep checking back every day or 2.

File: 1615370594356.png (169.22 KB, 946x262, screenshot.png)


i had a good solution.. loop a little script that adds URLs from my clipboard to a txt file, then `wget -i` on that txt file

then the site got the soy ddos protection, and stopped working with javascript disabled



File: 1615691862334.jpg (1.19 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_0192.JPG)



File: 1612435068311.jpg (30.07 KB, 600x600, ezgif.com-gif-maker_-_2021….jpg)


Anyone else having trouble with opening gifs? I wanna look at hataraki_ari's stuff but the gifs or mp4 files aren't working
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File: 1615574224154.png (1.05 MB, 974x934, 0.png)

Gifs seem to work fine on my end, however Gallery-DL has been a bit odd, keeps throwing random 403's but downloading at least 1 or 3 Gifs.


Woah that pic… Stupidly oversized proportions are sometimes just what the doctor (my dick) ordered.

File: 1615580770989.jpeg (294.5 KB, 2048x1536, pg1.jpeg)


Do you guys think JayMarvel will ever be updated? I'm holding on to hope.


If he's popular I'm sure it'll happen eventually. I used to see his name mentioned a lot on YP. The more people subbed to him, the more chance that some of them will be pirates, and know about KP. Also keep your eyes peeled on other sites. One of my fave artists wasn't updated for literally 2+ years but I found a thread on F95Zone which was 100% updated. Theres also E-Hentai & Ex-Hentai where you can find partially or fully upto date rips of various paywall sh*t.

File: 1615567722603.jpg (1.6 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)



File: 1613070228378.jpg (15.45 KB, 500x392, Flickr-14481116.jpg)


Keep in mind that I'm in incognito mode every time I browse kemono.

I tried logging into my email on google and then going to the site to add in my favorite artists. As it turned out, when I exited my window and then came back and logged in again, it was gone. Am I doing something wrong or am I just stupid?
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So, even after the update, my favorites still can't be kept in incognito mode. Am I forced to take a risk and use the site on a regular window or what?



yes, you will

see >>658


still can't make a backup


screencap your favorites page


yes thank you that's definitely not incredibly inconvenient

I was talking to admin, not some rando

File: 1615178818519.png (765.94 KB, 546x905, Game Opening V2_.png)



For whoever's been updating this dude's listing, where are all of the older exclusives? Does Yakovlev really remove the posts entirely after a certain time period, or did they not get imported at all for some reason? Recent exclusives HAVE been imported, so that's why I'm curious. Inspection of situation appreciated.

Image related, old exclusive.
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You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman and OP thanks you.


>>2324 permalynx here
>name: Особое size: 620MB
just a bunch of HD images i dont see anything special no folders



What exactly do I do with that?


are you retarded?
google b64


that link is where yak uploads the lewd exclusives himself, genius

File: 1615315521542.jpg (26.61 KB, 500x500, 1324151514123.jpg)


Does the admin have any plans to remove all RL content from the site? To my understanding, this site (like Yiff Party) was meant primarily for drawings/animations
Given that the hosting issues are almost certainly due to the size of these videos, and that the site would load much faster and work almost flawlessly without this content that is not meant to be here, I'm wondering if any plans exist to have Kemono wiped of this content, especially as it explicitly says that real porn (and assumedly, anything RL based being used as such) is not allowed.
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Rule 3 is “no posting or requesting real porn” and yet that’s what half this board (and the website itself) is.


>>2390 >>2396 >>2397 (nice try hallo Nonymous)
>and then you triple post like an autistic samefag thinking people want you here

>nobody likes you

welp time to disable my name and trip that should do the trick (switching to typing profile 2)

>basement dweller

im just your typical STEM 12 student what did you expect (shit i hope dad does not catch me awake)
also i may sound like a NEET but i read pirated ebooks every sunday on summer to pass the time

>get a job and a life

jokes on you ive been helping my family run a small shop ever since quarantine (yeah i know it dosen't count)
and your contributions are?


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>>2437 (wtf quotelink spacing glitch)
he forgot to add
>no discussion pertaining to non furry content
so technically only requesting and uploading is not allowed right?

>More than half the time you don't even make sense
remember folks logic is like a language (not math) everyone speaks it differently some may not understand (too bad im the only one with autism here ☹)
on a serious note i dont get it why does everyone keep blaming each other left and right (why not try something new who knows it might work)
remember folks think different (try not to be like the SJW media mob who blames people all day)
oh and actions speak louder than good intentions (make your own purefurry party instance you desperate kikes)

>and the other half everyone can't even use 1/5th enough of their brain to even take a guess at the big picture on why things are happening.

<shy="fixed thanks"/shy>

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Flanders wouldn't say that man. He wouldn't. DO YOU HEAR ME!!!?


I'm literally not a furry, why the fuck would I know what e621 used to look like/be?

I spoke on glimpses of what I've seen in meme chats.

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