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File: 1618473113566.jpg (102.87 KB, 704x821, jtv1ZlK.jpg)


If anyone likes SutibaruArt or Bendzz, I just finished updating with everything I have.

SutibaruArt: All monthly packs between 2017-2020

Bendzz: Becumming Vol.1-8

Enjoy this weird sh*t!


It seems all the Bendzz "Becumming" volumes are all broken. When I click on the rar file links to download them it always says 404 url not found.


Weird… A couple are still working but yea the rest are 404…

No worries I'll report them as dead and just start reuploading them.


Looks like the file uploader is broken… I just re-upped 1st 3 vols and they're all 404 again.

Cmon devs lets get this uploader fixed!


Is there a way to delete some of the shared files? Bendzz's stuff is a bunch of broken reuploads. BTW, thanks to whoever keeps trying to reupload them, your efforts haven't been wasted as #1 and #2 are finally working lol


Yea its a mess now… All the 404 ones have been flagged though so hopefully the admin or a mod will delete them. Looks like "#" in the filename is the cause of the 404's as someone suggested in the issues thread! Thanks to that guy :D

Anyway I'm uploading the rest right now. Its just taking ages because of the constant "invalid captcha" bug.

Anyone uploading anything: maybe avoid any symbols, just incase :/

File: 1617247802198.jpg (8.31 KB, 200x300, 25225-delve.jpg)

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Anything related to Webnovels,Litrpgs and such.
HUGE thanks to whoever updates those!
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We haven't gotten an update from Zendran in a while. Also, if you guys have nothing to read there is a pretty good web novel on royal road called Lost in Translation.


thanks for posting delve


Can someone update sarahlín please 🥺


Move to new thread


File: 1618305209863.jpg (14.11 KB, 794x555, tiiiiiiiittttttttiiiii.jpg)


Makes it a PITA browsing galleries when you can't see thumbnails. I'm sure the site used to show thumbnails. Is there a button hidden somewhere?




Bump. How do I see the images before I actually open them (like you can on some other DB pages)???

File: 1618549627605.png (185.15 KB, 394x373, 11ea01854b381fa350ca6ed8c7….png)


is anyone else experiencing that when you check a Fanbox creator they don't have thumbnails for any of their posts?


Not all FB pages I've seen are like that, but yea I'm seeing some missing thumbnails and whats worse is the posts with missing (or broken, judging by the icon displayed) thumbnails are all dead links or the actual image itself is either 100% gone, or it only half loads, as if corrupt.

File: 1618541913231.png (76.09 KB, 321x235, 3e4280013c54702f58c3483c77….png)


the site is being indexed by google

File: 1617918986018.png (59.67 KB, 860x666, B2560005-C1CC-4A8D-BF63-91….png)


I've been trying to find the game demo mentioned on this page here:


But I can't fuckin' find it anywhere. Am I missing something? Have I gone full retard? Or is it just not imported?
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>>5304 (patreon ware)
don't forget to enable DX10 graphics on VMware (i played kates test demo on VBox it was slow but works fine)

in the meantime i think the demos are here https://countmoxi.itch.io/

offtopic but can someone buy the art pack for me https://brendor.itch.io/yu-crossing-animals (i saw it at the bottom)
Im sorry I coudn't resist i clicked the red X instead of play on browser


Did you post the demo? I don't see it.

The demo I'm speaking of is not on itch.io, it's patron-only.

And what's this about VMware? I don't think that was mentioned in here… I'm not using VMware.


>>5356 >>5304 (never mind im gey and autistic)
i thought you were asking for demos only (i didnt pay attention sorry)

>>5356 (sorry if i mention virtual machines too much)
im using my dads PC (which is shared by the family for online classes)
downloading files is perfectly fine (i have hidden folders) but installing and running exe's is not allowed also my linux rig is broken
i sometimes control the VM using realVNC on my tablet while doing serious business on the toilet
and the volume muted using the win10 auido mixer while hiding the VBox taskbar icon and shortcut
lol nobody caught me fapping while my dad is using excel

also the godot engine sucks balls its all grey (re-assigned the gpu to intel using nvidia control panel) and everything is upside down but it works in the VM (why the hell do creators even use 64 bit exe on small games wtf? now its getting really tempting to run it on my host even though itch has web previws)
im getting a new AMD 16gb ram gaming laptop soon for my /prog/ramming class (i kinda like the asus screenpad but no thanks)
and no i wont ruin a perfectly good machine with porn games so onto the VM it goes (win server 2016)**
anybody else getting the urge to install windows on a VM inside a ramdisk for disposable use cuz my m2 SSD is hitachi brand

sorry for the blogpost im getting bored i apologize for acting like a complete roach


File: 1618192057933.jpg (31.62 KB, 387x505, 126215226125.jpg)

Son. Are these deviant furry porn games yours? I think its time we had a talk…


File: 1618507406527.png (33.11 KB, 170x205, A87AED29-B073-4A58-8622-AE….png)

my guy no one was talking about virtual machines, i don't even think anyone in this thread is using a virtual machine

you just gave us an essay on your virtual machines for no reason

File: 1618167189652.png (327.09 KB, 859x960, KoAvFZk.png)


>sees discussion about irl porn vs digital porn
>enters in
>i just want to see porn
>refuses to elaborate
>gets out


File: 1618192309595.gif (1002.79 KB, 298x257, Trust in Pain.gif)

>i just want to see porn
I think most people here do lol. Plenty of porn art here (and other sites), and plenty of IRL porn on sites like Motherless, other sites I can't find the tabs of ATM, and Yandex images. And plenty of IRL THOTS (not even IRL porn…) on 0Fans.


people arguing about which titty or which cock i'd like to see, irl or fictional, man i dont care i just want to wank off


Oh I hear that, I like both equally too, but I think its just an organisational thing. Keeping the porn art sites strictly porn art. The same wars happened on Yiff Party too. Many good & bad people were killed or injured in the chaos…


once theres a blacklist/filter thing implemented hopefully the chaos dies down.

then we can all peaceful wank off whether its to 2d, 3d, reacturds, or etc.

File: 1617839113602.png (23.4 KB, 597x310, screen.png)


I'm currently out of cash and can't offer anything back. If someone can do this for free that'd be really nice.

I have a folder (we will call it 123).
Inside 123, there are many subfolders and there are a lot of files and folders in each subfolder.

Does anyone have a script that can be put in 123, and when I run the script, it'll go through the 1st subfolder, get the hash for all files inside the subfolder including the folders within it and then mark the identical files with the same hash and delete those files with a dot in the filename in an ascending order, go through the second subfolder and repeat the process until it has gone through all subfolders in 123?
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stupid question but why do people hate hydrus so much (the same way they hate lynxchan)

lol i never asked for such things all i said was i never saw that thing (dunno if the spam was even real)


because it's shit, buggy, impractical and a meme used by maybe 20 people at most


I can but have no guarrantee it will work tho. Unless i write it on python. Python is universal.


OP here, I used anti-twin to do the job

File: 1618301725078.jpg (99.79 KB, 887x1000, Eys6yf8WYAIH0S3.jpg)


Cant upload stuff cause captcha it always says "invalid/incorrect captcha"


File: 1618303399838.jpg (25.82 KB, 1198x498, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj.jpg)

How do you get to that stage? I see nothing to click after typing the captcha. I don't have a "submit/upload" button. And if I drop a file onto that "drop here" box, it just downloads the file back onto my own PC instead of uploading to the site.


File: 1618303711323.jpg (156.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefaublt.jpg)

>I see nothing to click after typing the captcha.

Scratch that. I see you have to type a title before the button works. And yea the captcha doesn't work for me either.

File: 1617239659373.jpg (25.54 KB, 559x365, 1975079_660179050709199_51….jpg)


i'm so fucking tired of having a random favourite artist deleted and having to fetch them every day, would be nice to have an export list function so we can just paste them in whenever this happens
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by that retarded logic, what's even the point of favourites then?


You don't remember your favorites off the top of your head and the URL's? Must not be your favorites then.


I'm not the OP but I gotta say, if you can remember all your faves off the top of your head at any given time, then you either have perfect memory, or you really don't have many faves at all.


I would like this too


Go to the favorites page, open your browser's debug console (ctrl+shift+k on Firefox) and enter "localStorage" (case-sensitive).

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