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yo, is the site down? whenever I try to log on I get a bad gateway message


Its working (sort of) for me today, but very slowly. Its probably best to just come back in a couple days or something. AFAIK theres somekind of repair or upgrade going on since yesterday or the day before.

File: 1614195776897.png (27.47 KB, 694x154, solols.png)


(i hope it's not a problem posting something that was gone from creators since manual uploads are still broken. lmk if theres STILL a problem with this okthankyou)

SoDevs aka SoJew's "models" (or cards in your language)

SoJews was called out before for jew'ing other's stuff to make his own without any credits to original creators.
Funniest meme: this archive what you see is "worth 5 bucks" apparently in his substar.

Poke around koikatsu's discord server and i found this jew before, so i decided "why not to jew his jew'd stuff?" :trollface:

You know how to install them: zipmods goes to "mods" folder, cards goes to under "chara" folders.
No idea how mods will hold up until it breaks.
I take no responsibility to whatever happens to them, you are on your own basically.


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There are a lot of cards not included in that 7z from siasky. Did anyone have any others? Or any of the hd/4k videos?


>This server has a leak protection system.
Let's show him how wrong he is…


I don't know what this thread is about or what SoJews Cards (?) are, but one of the best leak protection systems is still going strong. All you have to do is distribute your shit externally, and even though KP has a feature for that now, its still woefully unused by people, so aside from using unsupported paysites, its still the most common, the easiest and best method. So many KP (and YP back then) pages are just "goto mailbox, goto discord, goto archive like (and theres no archive link)".


Give it time, then the Discord importer will be back up and running again…


Yea fingers crossed for that man.

File: 1616338063456.jpg (442.44 KB, 980x2000, fellow.jpg)


i feel like those who upload to kemono are underappreciated, so i would like to give my thanks to those who upload junk to the site!

you keep us all horny and happy!
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It sounds great and altruistic but its more likely that people adding/updating artists just happen to be fans of the same artist as you, and they either discovered KP and want to share, or they just subbed to the artist specifically to share. Yea sure theres rich people out there, but not many people are gonna be willing to spend £10+ per month on something they don't personally want. So I think we rely on artists being popular enough that some fellow fans (with a decent income) come and add that artist that we also like. Its exactly the same result as if they actually did crawl thru the request ocean looking for something to buy specifically for other people, but I'm 90% sure that kind of Robin Hood heroism rarely (if ever) happens. Think of how rich you'd need to be, to pay £10+/m not just for artists you like, but also artists other people like. But the same gratitude and cheers still go out to those people happy to share!



I consider it raising awareness of "un-tapped" artists for those who might want to blow a little mad money and maybe discover something new.

Or you know they can just update slugbox and zaush for the 500th time today whatever.


oy look the don8tors are asking for an undeserved raise oink up cucksuckers time 2 stroke someones sexual ego

else we'll stop contributing here and instead to the artists themselves

personally though the only reason i import stuff is because im forced to i swear the YP admins gave me a bandwith boost when i did it for the first time i wanna show logs but the site is down sadly i got banned when i mentioned it on their bbs because aparently dozers is entitled and he wants to do it form our non existent heart

sorry for the long rant i got beaten up stealing my dads card today because admin cant tolerate the fact that there's one even just one leecher on his site (not the chan)




1,000,000% confirmed this is that W870 guy.

File: 1614789424104.png (334.5 KB, 720x720, 7md0x2cedwi51.png)


Ayo whoch pokemon is this


That is the pokemon known as Brian. You're gay now.






This is the kind of thing that will make aliens too scared and traumatised to invade Earth. That is the only reason tyis stuff is being drawn. Trust me our weapons wont do shit against the alien armadas. Only f*cked up porn drawings can stop them.

File: 1618956785122.png (199.05 KB, 259x300, braindeadfaggott.png)


Wow…you faggots dont seem to learn that admin and mods don't want requests outside the requests thread. Theirs an obvious difference when requesting about files that aren't sent in correctly. For example, a cropped image or scuffed audio you want fixed. But just blatantly throwing out requests is gonna get you banned lol.
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Just a daily reminder how retarded all the request spammers are :)


If you see any requests outside of the official request thread please report so I can delete them. Reporting ensures that I see the thread and speeds up the whole process


I messed up the cap code


Webnovel requests in the webnovels thread is fine though, right?

They don't want to wade through tons of porn requests to find the novel stuff.


Well yeah. Its okay to differentiate the request stuff. One is for pictures the other is for webnovels. As long as their arent multiple of the same thread or multiple threads being made for one artists (any sort of spam) you should be good.

File: 1618592632132.png (1.07 MB, 805x531, Flapjack.png)


Lmao, this is a random request, but if you want a laugh then please sign this Gmail up for porn or random shit. I don't care what it is, I'm pranking a friend and I want his email to be spammed to hell.
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If you don't get the implication: Look at the OP's recruitment campaign, then look back at >>6269


not your personal army
gb2gaia newfag


You're wayyy late, it's been about a week now and I already said it was over. Plus, a yes or no would be enough. Not like I was saying you have to do it or else.

Get off 4chan. The moment you call someone a "newfag" is the moment you need to clean your room, start showering more often, stop peeing in bottles, etc.


.t average-saiditter

File: 1617186290154.png (11.34 KB, 512x211, ss (2021-03-31 at 06.22.59….png)


Is the discord scraper working for anyone else?

One artist I am following / subscribed to / scraping from is soon shutting down their patreon and moving to discord because of pirates and patreon's shitty practices, and is using some completely different payment method. They've recently started posting their stuff in a specific new discord channel though, regardless of whether people are using this new service or staying on patreon.

I've attempted to use the scraper as per the tutorial linked, but I'm getting errors on import.

Is it working for anyone else, or is there some steps I may have missed?

Also, is it to scrape the whole channel, or is it just individual posts?


File: 1617391849991.gif (1.79 MB, 480x318, mmf.gif)

I have been trying to scrape a discord channel of a specific artist too, and have had no luck for the past 2 weeks.
If you're really desperate, you can just use "discordchatexporter" to create a local backup (images included)


Forgot to add, it's to scrape the whole channel, not just specific posts.



If I remember correctly, Admin took it down since it needs work. Been down for a few months now. I'd just be patient and wait for it to be reimplemented.


File: 1619077782882.png (9.25 KB, 1045x148, ss (2021-04-22 at 03.48.19….png)

I just searched up one artist and apparently they have a discord section on Kemono?

But when I open the link, there's a blank page.


File: 1619032359907.jpg (150.06 KB, 1280x1777, 02.jpg)


Is it just temporarily gone as an issue of ongoing purging shit or was it perma wiped? Just saw it was even up after most recent update to it and today when I tried to access it from favorites it just redirected to main page and now it's gone.


Only IRL stuff like THOTS/camwhores are supposed to be getting purged, so this sounds unrelated. I read in the "Issues" thread someone saying all the latest updates for 1 artists went missing, so maybe something is f*cking up. Report it on the Issues thread. Maybe u can contact the admin by email too but IDK.

File: 1619038649236.jpg (44.15 KB, 272x593, 1170724036451.jpg)


Thanks to whoever updated Bendzz with those 2 new pics ;)

Keep em coming if you have anymore!

File: 1618946487437.png (650.47 KB, 1920x1080, sk_thesimpsons_outcold.png)


Blargsnarf thread, I like his sketches and he keeps deleting the links and doesnt upload all of his sketches so I figured I can archive and post them.
https://pixeldrain.com/l/VFpKeztT#item=0 January

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