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Artist is Gomzai

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Seriously?! It's like bloody yiff party all over again
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The saddest part is that kemono.party never even got all the users that yiff.party had. I requested SpicyPaw and whoever was updating SpicyPaw on yiff.party never came back.


I mean he is wrong, but just because it was made for one community doesn't mean it should be restricted to them exclusively. Pirates look after pirates, even if they don't want to fuck ponies.


That's not what i was on about, sorry if it seemed that way. I just meant that >>86 was talking about how YP was not just for furry stuff, while that indeed was the very idea behind the site at the beginning. IIRC, non-furry stuff was actively taken down at first, until YP-admin just gave up


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idea: split up kemono into sections. one section for SFW junk, another for furry junk, another for audio, another for the thots etc etc

but there are issues with that idea, notably that it'd be HELL to moderate and would probably cause issues with stuff like some sections not having enough content and other sections having too much.

either way, hope this website comes back soon and we're able to jack off again.


Speaking of horsefuckery, anyone have the recent Dankflank, Shydale, Atryl, PussPuss, Yakovlev-vlad, etc on blast? Seems like Kemono isn't great for pony porn.

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Why is Kemono.Party such a shitty fucking laggy site?

Like I get it you buil the website for free and it's unpaid work and I shouldn't be an ungrateful leech fuck but I mean c'mon, if you're gonna do something do it right or don't do it at all ffs.

I'll get my furry nigger gay porn somewhere else.

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Yo, would be nice if we could have Ganondork's latest content when kemono.party finally comes back.
Maybe someone even has it already?


I second that tbh





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Best thing in the world.


That’s something I can agree with.

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I appreciate Liru the Werewolf and thank her endlessly because of her positive effect on imageboard culture and the the whole world in general. She is a saint. Liru is love and Liru is life.
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Liru is best werewolf.


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you like rabbit ass, don't you kemonochan
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Better yet.


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Here you go, bun-buddy.


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Ask and you shall receive.

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anyone knows if there are content leaks from these sites?


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It's your lucky fucking day, anon. I have an old as fuck siterip for clubstripes from 2009, enjoy the piece of furfag history.



>>147 thanks /a/non heres the permalink
bless you in 2022 (post made from laptop)


i found this before while doing google-fu file size was about 700 MB (maybe its WWOEC) i dont really remember since im using linux that time (no time to check old external drive)


>>156 whoops i forgot original filename (Clubstripes_Siterip_9-26-09-BKiD.zip)

megadownloader 1.8 client for bigger files and new link format
(works fine on tiny7 shared folder need net framework)

>>140 source? i need it on my reaction gif collection

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Русские тут?
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Выпил, желемышем закусил и теперь можно на боковую.


see this is why nobody's likes your kind
furries are like ching chong they exploit foreign places they shove their art on our imageboards at every opportunity
and worst part is they act hostile towards strangers because they don't like them and make wikis about them on how rulecucked their site is as if they never did anything wrong unlike hitler you guys are absol-ute freaks with greasy hair and sharp yucky claws and no im not even gonna think about fucking your STD infested tranny vagina even with 100 layers of condoms


File: 1614747051371.jpg (48.55 KB, 512x384, unnamed (2).jpg)


Пиздец, кокая же медленная лагучая ебанина. Аж захотелось на сервера задонатить


я вчера с ночи оставил недокачаные файлы, и сегодня, несмотря на ошибку 503 при попытки загрузки страницы, недокачаные файлы загрузились без проблем.
вывод: не старайтесь сразу всё скачать, когда сайт станет доступным, добавьте как можно больше интересующих вас файлов в список загрузок и потом качайте

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Post reaction links, requests and more.

Bonsu points for hot female reactors
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>hot female reactors
obvious bait is obvious


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I'll do it if you jump in first faggot


shut the fuck up nerd


blablabla .swf
i already archived it too late haha


>implying admin bans shill threads on /b/
also gb2 >>/kemono/ this is our board faggot


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